living cave - fotos from international performances

interactive audio-visual installation by Atelier Avant - Se-Lien Chuang & Andreas Weixler
The room reacts to the audience in algorithmic choice of pictures and their transformation and processes realtime audio within an electroacoustic composition.
Se-Lien Chuang concept, audio & visuals & Andreas Weixler audio & interactive programming.

premiere: 15th of December 2000 Experimental Intermedia, New York, 19th of January 2001 Nagoya, Sound Design Lab/Nagoya City University, Japan,
16th -20th of May at  Laval Virtual and VRIC (Virtual International International Conference), France.
Newest performance: artport 01/media select 2001, Nagoya Japan, 26th of October to 4th of November 2001

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fotos from artport/media select 2001, 26.10.- 4.11.2001 Nagoya Japan

pictures from the live trial performance with the experimental music duo kuwayama-kijima at warehouse 20, 4 th of November 2001

(closing of the exhibition artport 01 / media select 2001 in Nagoya, Japan)


Fotos from Living Cave live at Laval Virtual  2001, France