Catch in the Cage (1998) art video tape by Se-Lien Chuang

Deutsche Version

take basis on the video materials from In the Cage, premiere at 21. Februrary 1998 at Schömer Haus, Klosterneuburg/Austria

The video Catch in the Cage includes 6 movements. The total time is 15´01

Se-Lien Chuang
Movement I       2´43´´ Movement II      2´27´´

Movement III     1´54´´ Movement IV      2´40´´

Movement V       1´50´´Movement VI     3´12´´

This video project was produced on Power Macintosh G3/233 desktop withsoftware: Adobe Premiere 4.2.1 LE version and ProTools 4.1 version. Forthe public is this video in VHS (Pal) & CD-Rom to have a look at it.

dynamic pick-up: the first step to have anoverlook at the original materials and cut-out on the available picturesand appropriate music with consideration of the balance between the pictures& music

technique manipulation: abstraction, distortion,effect-digitalising, perversion, motion formation, hue & saturation,reverse, reverse, tint-shade, spatial design, synthesis

esthetic thought: the expectant correspondence,the intentioned disparity, the indefinable counter-trust, the contentedintegration between the image slides and the music tracks,

summing up of the 6 movements:

movement I dance illustration, Schömer-Haus image & the human-computerpolarization

movement II theatre and the musician are performed parallel with anticipatedmusic on the background

movement III sudden undertaking through the unhumanized computerisationand the supported arounding sounds

movement IV soft lead-in in dance choreography with accompanying of thelittle, easy music

movement V visual slur-up out of the original materials

movement VI the peaked delicate demonstrasion on the digitalized effectsto disguise the extraction

the video was realized at Atelier Avant Graz/Austria at Autumn 1998. Forthe support of this production I do like to have special thanks to Dr. KarlheinzEssl and Mag. Andreas Weixler.

25.11.1998 cse, update: 31.01.2001 cse;