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MetaDancer 1999 by Chuang Se-Lien

play   Real Audio  audio file in stereo, 40 Kbps,  (8khz band-width)

MetaDancer is produced at USSS (University of Sheffield Sound Studios/England) in July/August 1999 during a composers residence.

length:  3 min10 sec

software: Peak 1.65 LE, Methasynth 2.5, GRM 1.51, ProTools 4.3, Audio-Suite Plug-Ins, Sound Hack 0.881PPC

There is classical appearance of synthetic sounds in this piece.  The materials are basically from the piano strings.Since the sounds of the piano strings own the abundant obertones it is a favourable starting point  for effect processing.

Technical Realization

CD player, mixing console, 4-channel speaker system, subwoover

see Chuang Se-Lien's audio page

created: 29.08.1999 cselien SUSS
update: 28.04.2002 cselien AAA