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ec-lipse 1999 by Chuang Se-Lien

ec-lipse is produced at USSS (University of Sheffield Sound Studios/England) in July/August 1999 during a composers residence.

length: 5 min 40 sec

software: Sound Designer 2.8.3, Methasynth 2.5, Sound Hack 0.881PPC, ProTools 4.3.1, TC/WORKS Ver 3.0, INA GRM V1.2.6

In this piece I tended to explore the physical ground of sounds; at the same time the soundscape is coming out naturally in sense of progamm music for experiencing the total solar eclipse occurred on August 11, 1999 in Cornwall, England.

There is further version with reverberation which is called ec-lipse vs.1.

12.12.1999 Festival Elektrokomplex ´99, Rhiz Wien
New International Community of Electroacoustic Music (NICE) Amsterdam/Holland ´00

created: 29.08.1999
update: 31.08.1999, cselien SUSS; 30.10.2004 Elektronisches Studio TU Berlin cse; 10.04.2010 AAA