atelier avant main

Program VNM 2011

8. V:NM Festival - Graz, Austria

7. - 10. April 2011

Andreas Weixler – computer
Se-Lien Chuang - piano, bass recorder, computer
Rowland Sutherland – flutes

Do, 7. April 2011
18:00 Theater im Bahnhof (Elisabethinergasse 27a, Graz)

the borderline of random coincidence

The sounds of a versatile flutist - Rowland Sutherland, a bass recorder and an arco piano - a special overtone rich bowing technique by Se-Lien Chuang - are transformed in realtime into a stream of interactive visuals and audio processing - All software and interactive audiovisual concepts are provided by the composer and media artists Andreas Weixler and Se-Lien Chuang who form the artists collective Atelier Avant Austria.

Ensemble improvisation within acoustic instruments as well as audio and video realtime processes bring out the best skills of each performer in a shape of a realtime composition. In addition to this an audiovisual interactive computer system creates a constant stream of ambience in the electroacoustic space and visual world.

The instrumental sounds are the source for all of the realtime audio signal processing are providing the parameter for interactive visuals. By the combination of our computing modules of realtime audio and visual processing we achieve a synaesthetical effect in which the music of instruments, its electronic ambience and the visuals mutual influence each other to blend into a unique art work of realtime improvisation.

Flautist, Rowland Sutherland enjoys an international career in many different fields of music. He regularly performs in new music ensembles, symphony orchestras, jazz groups, various non-Western groups, pop outfits and as a soloist. Many of Rowland’s solo contemporary flute performances have been broadcast on BBC Radio 3.
He has also composed and arranged music for groups, ensembles and for the BBC. 
On the improv scene artists Rowland has performed with include Craig Harris, Henry Threadgill, Elizabeth Harnik, Orphy Robinson, Pat Thomas, John Edwards, Mark Sanders, Geoff Hawkins, David Leahy, Davide Mantovani, Andreas Weixler, Se-Lien Chuang, Steve Lawson, Alwynne Pritchard and Thorolf Thuestad.
Jazz and non-Western music artists Rowland has performed with include Frank Wess, David Murray, Dom um Romao, Jean Toussaint, Airto, Olodum, Gnawa Musicians of Morocco and Rebirth Brass Band (New Orleans).
He has played and recorded with various new music ensembles and dance companies in Britain. These include: Lontano, Icebreaker, New Music Players, Ensemble Expose, Birmingham Contemporary Music Group, Ixion, Decibel, notes inegale, Colin Currie Group, Phoenix Dance and Rambert Dance Company.
Composition commissions include those written for Ensemble Bash, The New Music Players, Lontano, CoMA, Chris Hodgkins (jazz trumpet) and Fidelio Trio.