best European performance award ICMA 2018

„Sonic Environment Daegu“

audiovisual realtime processing for traditional korean instruments, harp, piano and paint sound board.

by Se-Lien Chuang & Andreas Weixler
performed by Ensemble Phase

ICMA 2018 Regional Award Winner Europe
awarded at the ICMC banquette in Daegu on 08.8.2018

International Computer Music Conference
10.8.2018 ICMC 2018 in Daegu, South Korea
Daegu Concert House, Grand Hall

Ensemble Phase

Inhyuk Hwang, paint sound board, percussion
Sumin Kim, Haeguem
Kilyong Chae, Daegum
Na yeong Park, Gayageum
Jean Lee, Harp
Hyeyeon Jung, piano

Se-Lien Chuang - paint sound board, interactive visuals
Andreas Weixler - multichannel audio processing




Foto_ Irene Pechböck_ABPU

  stage stills: Se-Lien Chuang

Foto Mikako Mizuno

ICMA 2018 Regional Award Winner Europe

„…because of its strong balance of creative control and multiple devices in a multimedia performance.“

The committe consisted of

Dr Choi Insook
Dr Cort Lippe
Dr Miriam Akkermann (ICMA Board)
Mr. Patrick Gunawan Hartono (Audience Award 2017)
Dr Taehi Kim (ICMC Music Chair)
Dr PerMagnus Lindborg (Committee Chair, ICMA Music Coordinator)


A t e l i er   A v a n t   A u s t r i a
  c o m p o s i t i o n   &   m e d i a   a r t s

with kind support of the Austrian Embassy Seoul, Federal Chancellery of Austria, Cities of Graz and Linz, Provinces of Styria and Upper Austria.

  Österreichische Botschaft in Seoul