ICMC International Computer Music Conference http://www.icmc2008.net/

ICMC 2008, International Computer Music Conference / SARC - Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queens University, Belfast, Northern-Ireland
24.-29. August 2008

29.8.2008 Whitla Hall, QUB
selected work of Se-Lien Chuang & Andreas Weixler

I am from the universe and you know what it´s worth 

audiovisual realtime improvisation for groups of instrumentalists
for  `Roots´ Ensemble, Irish traditional and contemporary instruments with bass recorder solo.

    Franziska Schroeder - sopran saxophone
    John Kenny - trombone
    Gascia Ouzounian - violin
    Laoise Kelly - Irish harp
    Ivan Goff - uilleann pipes
    Se-Lien Chuang, bass recorder, interactive visuals, Max/MSP/Jitter
    Andreas Weixler, composition, multichannel real time granular synthesis, Max/MSP/Jitter

Live at ICMC 08 in Belfast , Fotos by Christopher Chong

In a combination of intuitive improvisation and realtime computing the sound of live instruments serves as an interface in an audiovisual interactive concert that merges acoustic instrumental sound and realtime computing. While visual images and processes are being generated during the concert, a multichannel granular synthesis fits together minute tonal particles that make up the instrumental sounds into a constantly changing acoustic stream made up of different pitches, durations and positions in the electro-acoustic space.  The conductors interactive baton not only controls the music but also influences the visuals as well as the musical and visual components interact and reciprocally influence each other in order to blend into a unique, synaesthetic, improvisational work of art.

The `Roots´ Ensemble perform  an ensemble improvisation conducted by algorithmically choosen graphics as „sounding impressions“ in the style of a contemporary composition/improvisation and in a special combination of Irish traditional and contemporary instruments altogether with a realtime experienced solo performer and an interactive audiovisual computersystem.

comission of SKE Fonds, Austria