sarcastic session 011008

SARC - Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queens University, Belfast, Northern-Ireland
Queen's University School of Music and Sonic Arts
1st of October 2008,  3 - 5.30 PM

Atelier Avant Austria
more: SARC concert

introducing the SARCastic system by Andreas Weixler - 32 channel live sound distribution

with Franziska Schröder (sax), Pedro Rebelo (piano), Andreas Weixler (Sarcastic System, Multichannel Granular Synthesis), Se-Lien Chuang (Super Collider), Miguel Ortiz (Trumpet), Cavan Fyans (Laptop, SuperCollider), David Bird (voice), Tom Davis (Laptop, Max Msp)
thanks to Una Monaghan (studio assistant)

There is also a 4 channel Recording, I ´ll be happy to give it to you on request.

track 1 -3 with Franziska on sax , track 4-6 with Pedro on piano

Total time 55 Min

1 Sarcsess100108.mp3 _(dur 2:08)
2 Sarcsess100108.mp3 _(dur 10:47)
3 Sarcsess100108.mp3 _(dur 12:20)
4 Sarcsess100108.mp3 _(dur 10:35)
5 Sarcsess100108.mp3 _(dur 9:37)
6 Sarcsess100108.mp3 _(dur 7:36)