IAMAS, Ogaki, Gifu, Japan, 2nd of August 2008, 3.30 PM, Multimedia Studio

I always whisper to them (2008)
    audiovisual realtime interaction

Andreas Weixler (A), multichannel granular synthesis
Se-Lien Chuang (A/TW), interactive visuals, bass recorder
Kiyoharu Kuwayama (JP), viola and devices

about 30 min.

with kind support of the Austrian Cultural Forum in Tokyo,
Province of Styria, City of Graz, Province of Upper Austria, City of Linz

I always whisper to them (2008)
    audiovisual realtime interaction

The title is a quote of John Lennon while recording his famous album „Imagine“.
It indicates ironically the existence of (for others) invisible creatures around him.
I also feel like that some times, especially if unexpected mistakes are happening, then I always whisper to „them“.

Coming to Ogaki and the first time during summer Japan, we were amazed by the Semi insects, invisible filling the air with rich sound high up in the trees.
Each insect performs its little sound grain and altogether it reaches that liveliness of acoustic movements. This reminds me on our art work in multichannel granular synthesis: In that combination we always whisper to them.

Improvised instrumental music and computer realtime processes interact and reciprocally influence each other in order to blend into a unique work of art of realtime composition. Realtime processes of an audiovisual interactive computer system result in a free artist´s musical expression. Our art work and research describes the hook-up between human and machine, between musical inspiration and digital concepts. Musical instruments act as interfaces for digital audio processing and enable human beings to communicate with digital technologies as well as to generate, receive and exchange data versus emotions, or in other words: to promote art and science. The goal of our interactive realtime performances is to explore new forms of creative expression and to increase communication and collaborations between science and art.