Interdisciplinary Centre for Scientific Research in Music (ICSRiM)
University of Leeds, UK

virtuoso chances:

virtuoso realtime processes and improvisation
lecture by Andreas Weixler and Se-Lien Chuang

Date: Thursday 13th Dec 2012, 17:00
Venue: Lecture Theatre 1, School of Music, University of Leeds

This talk will outline the algorithmic ideas and the operation of the chances in the interactive audiovisual live performances by Andreas Weixler and Se-Lien Chuang. Limited random processes represent compositional concepts as well as an interface for improvisation with realtime processes in a virtuoso manner. We will talk about the use of computer as an instrument and the interplay between sound and vision and also between improvisation and composition for soloist and ensembles.

Andreas Weixler
Born in 1963 in Graz, is a contemporary composer with a specialization in computer music. He teaches as an Associate Professor computer music, music and media technology at the Anton Bruckner University and is a lecturer for interactive audiovisual projects at Interface Culture at the University of Design and Industrial Design in Linz. His artistic work within the artists group Atelier Avant Austria together with Se-Lien Chuang and in cooperation with international guests leads to a lively international concert and teaching activity, as well as selected presentations at conferences such as ICMC, ISEA and NIME. Currently Andreas Weixler is specializing in interactive and multimedia concerts of contemporary music.

Se-Lien Chuang
composer, pianist and media artist, 1965 born in Taiwan, since 1991 residence in Austria.
The artistic and compositional emphases range from contemporary instrumental composition/improvisation, computer music to audiovisual interactivity.
Studies in composition (Beat Furrer), music and media technology (Karlheinz Essl), piano/recorder, electro-acoustic music in Austria.
International productions, research stays and lectures as well as numerous representations of compositions in Europe, Asia, North- and South America: Salzburger Festspiele, ICMC Ljubljana/Huddersfield/NYC/Belfast/Copenhagen, SICMF Seoul, NIME New York, ISEA Singapore/Nagoya, IAMAS Japan, Ars Electronica Linz, SONORITIES Festival Belfast, Electronic Music Festival Basel, Ultraschall Festival für Neue Musik Berlin, Wien Modern, Sumida Triphony Hall Tokio, National Theater Concert Hall Taipeh, Computermusik Festival Montreal, European Electroacoustic Music Brussels, NICE Amsterdam, SIBGRAPI Video Festival Gramado-RS,  among others.
Since 1996 jointly with Andreas Weixler running Atelier Avant Austria, of which the key aspects are in the developments of audiovisual interactive systems and audio/visual realtime/non-realtime processing, computer music and algorithmic composition.