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contemporary instrumental composition, computer music, video & interactive media arts
Andreas Weixler Bio
National Theater Concert Hall, Taipeh
A t e l i er   A v a n t   A u s t r i a
Chuang Se-Lien

last updtae: 2003 3.23
2003 4.27

Wu Dye & Andreas Weixler in National Theater Concert Hall in Taipeh, Taiwan

concert for contemporary music, especially in computer music

chinese folder about the concert in Taipeh (27.4.2003) and Tainan (29.4.2003)


Andreas Weixler, photo by Chuang Se-Lien, HGB Leipzig 2001

Progamm of Andreas Weixler :

1    Broken Bowls 4 - Talk
 computer music
2     Der letzte Wassermann
 4 channel tape and live arco-piano
3     A Crush On You
 realtime processing
4     Blue Elephant
 audiovisual composition
5    Waon
 interactive audio visual performance for 2 instruments
6     Jade For Orchestra On Tape
 computer music

Broken Bowls 4 - Talk
computer music based on an algorithmic instrumental composition

The composition is based on an algorithmic score for voice, clarinet, viola and piano. These instrumental sounds are then used to be electronically and digitally processed to a pieces of computer music.

The production of the electroacoustic composition has taken place at Sheffield University Sound Studio during a composers residency from July-August 1999 in SUSS Studio 2.

Recordings: ContrastTrio (Christos Polyzoides, viola, François Benda, clarinet, Janna Polizoides, piano) live at Kulturzentrum Minoriten, Dagmar Hoedl (mezzo sopran) at IEM Studio, Graz, Austria
1998 by Andreas Weixler as sound engineer

ProTools 4.3.1 with TDM plugins TC Mega Reverb 3.0, TC Works EQ Sat 3.0, GRM Tools 1.2 (shuffle, pitch accmulation), Audiosuite plugins vari-fi, sci-fi, EQII and SoundDesigner 2.8.3

Macintosh 9600/350 Computer, ATC SCM20 active loudspeaker system.

Duration: version Talk: 2: 30, version Letter: 4:06

02.11.1999 Pusan Electronic Music Association -  Süd-Korea/ South Corea
30.08.2002 Hotel Pubik Festival Schrattenberg, Austria

with the video Trinity by Se-Lien Chuang:
12.12.1999 Festival Elektrokomplex 99, Rhiz Wien, Austria
26.02.2000 Center for Contemporary Art, vul. Skovorody 2/Kyiv (Rußland) ,
15.05.2000 Nagoya City University, Japan
15.12.2000 Experimental Intermedia, New York, USA

2     Der letzte Wassermann
 4 channel tape and live arco-piano

computer music based on an algorithmic instrumental composition distributed on 4 channel audio system will accompany  a prepeared piano, played live with string bows.

Chuang Se-Lien: arco-piano

arco-piano is a special contemporary technique of performing the piano with hairs of bows which gives a very sophisticated sound of the piano. Se-Lien Chuang developed arco-piano technique to the artistic point, where she can control polyphonic sound of the bowed piano strings and their upcoming overtones.

hardware: PowerMac 7200/90,
hoftware: Opcode-Max, ProTools 3.4
Studio: Atelier Avant Austria, Graz
duration: 8´

18.05.1999 Labor ESC, v.nm Festival, Graz, Austria
15.12.2000 Experimental Intermedia, New York, USA
TV broadcasting: 19.05.99 Steiermark Heute, Austria
radio broadcasting: Ö1, Austria 1999

3     Crush On You
 realtime processing

Andreas Weixler: realtime audio processing
Chuang Se-Lien: Yan-Zin

The sound of an instrument will be processed live by the computer. The combination of natural and the transformed sound brings together traditional asian instrumental sound and contemporary western computer music by an improvisation of two musicians.

The max/msp patch has been programmed and rehearsed at the SUSS Studio1 at Sheffield University Sound Studio during a composers residence and has been finished at Atelier Avant Austria in Graz using Max 3.8.9/msp1 running on a G3 Macintosh computer.

developing studios:

                    SUSS Sheffield University Sound studio 1999
                    Nagoya City University, Japan 2001
                    Atelier Avant Austria 1999-2002

25.09.1999 Weingut Gasser, Styria , Austria
12.12.1999 Festival Elektrokomplex 99, Rhiz,Vienna, Austria
15.12.2000 Experimental Intermedia New York, USA
16. 02. 2001 Nagoya City University, Sound Lab., Japan 

Blue Elephant
audiovisual composition

the movement of sound and pictures gives an synesthetic impression.
computer animation by Se-Lien Chuang,  computer music by Andreas Weixler

computer music created at Atelier Avant Austria
computer animation created at Silicon Graphics / Maya Workshop at WIFI Graz, comission of Werkstadt Graz 1999.

Hardware: Ensoniq EPS 16+ Digital Workstation, Macintosh Powerbook 150, Silicon Graphics Computer
Software: max with longy<aw (algorithmic composition tool developed by the composer), Maya

12.12.1999 Festival Elektrokomplex, Vienna
26.02.2000 Center for Contemporary Art, vul. Skovorody 2/Kyiv, Russia
6.-8. April 2000 Lovebytes Festival Sheffield ,England
15.05.2000 Nagoya City University, Japan,
15.12.2000 Experimental Intermedia, New York, USA
30.08.2002 Hotel Pupik, Festival Schrattenberg, Austria

 interactive audio visual performance for 2 instruments

artistic concept
based on the asian spirit of harmony the computer senses harmony between the players and voices and acts accordingly to them in generating audio and visual.

Waon is an audiovisual improvisation for two musical instruments.

In the first part voices of different nations (Taiwan, Japan, USA, Austria) will be analysed and transformed to melodies by oscillators and visuals by the computer.

In the second part, two live instruments are improvising from playing the same note, over micro tonal distortions up to free audiovisual improvisation. The computer senses the correspondence of the instruments and reacts in real time. If there is only one frequency, the system plays the same and everything is quiet and in tune (waon). If the notes are different from each other, the computer plays all notes inbetween as an electronic sound ambience. In case of very far distance the computer reacts with as much frequencies as possible, which could be a noise.
The analysis and reactions are displayed in real time by graphics, based on circles and their distortions, ovals.

research studio:
Sound Design Lab/Nagoya City University, School of Design and Architecture, Japan 2000/2001 as within the Japan Foundation Fellowship Program.

29.10.2002 International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA 02), Nagoya, Japan
25.5.2001 IEM Cube at the VNM Festival Graz, Austria
15.12.2000 Experimental Intermedia, New York, USA

Jade For Orchestra On Tape
 computer music

All sounds are created from natural instruments, male and female voices by digital transformation.

 Realization of Jade For Orchestra on Tape:

1. Calculation of the densities of the sound particles for the orchestra was done at AAA Atelier Avant Austria in Graz, 1994-1995. The instrumental and human sounds have been recorded in April 1995 performedby the austrian ensemble szene instrumental

2. Sound processing at the UEA Studio of the University of East Anglia, Norwich, England. in July August 1996. Algorithmic sound processing was controlled by an Opcode-Max patch developed by the composer.

3. The composition was done at the BEAST -Birmingham Electro Acoustic Sound Theatre, University of Birmingham, England in August 1996, Continuing the development of the controlling software HyperControl by the Composer.

orchestra: szene instrumental -Graz/ Austria
plate: Andreas Weixler
produced by Andreas Weixler at University of Birmingham, BEAST - Birmingham Electroacoustic
Sound Theatre, edited at UEA Studios Norwich, University of East Anglia, all England 1996.


GRM 1.55, Hyper Prism 1.5.2, Sound Designer 2.8, Alchemy 3.0, ProTools& TDM Plug ins (HTD, BRN, D-Verb), Soundhack 0.8, HyperControl<aw,TIMINX.BAS<aw, Omikron-Basic V3.01, ProTools III , Opcode MAX 3.0


Macintosh Power Mac 8100, Macintosh Powerbook 150, Macintosh IIc, Atari 1040 ST, ProTools III, Lexicon Digital Hall, div. DAT Recorder and


31.8.1996 Kunsthalle Stockerau, Austria
3-13.10.1996 Projekttheater, WUK Vienna , Austria
15.10. 1996 Theatre Austrian Sound Check/Steirischer Herbst , Austria
11.1997,Projekttheater, Minoriten Graz , Austria
26.6.1997 European Electroacoustic Music Festival in Brüssel
11.2.1998 Electroacoustic Festival, Montreal/Canada
15. 01.1998 concert "Music of the 20th Century"  at the conservatory Tirol
10.11.1998 Sumida Triphony Hall Tokio/Japan 1998
13.3. 1999 Festival Lange Nacht der Neuen Klänge, Vienna 1999
11.05.1999 international weeks for contemporary music in Lueneburg/Germany

div. broadcasting

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