Projekttitel public participatory performance

Kooperationspartner: UC Davis, Department of Design und American River College, Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität, Institut für Komposition und Dirigieren | Computer Music Studio CMS

Ort: Linz/Austria, Davis/USA

Laufzeit: 21.8.2017 - offen

    CMS Research Residency
    Jiayi Young (UC Davis) und Dr. Shih-Wen Young (American River College)

    Residency Agenda
    The goal of the residency is to incorporate soundscapes into interactive environments to facilitate and further data-driven and sensor-enabled visual and experiential objectives. We are grateful to have this opportunity to conduct research at Bruckner University. During residency we will utilize state-of-the-art sound equipment, and exchange knowledge and scholarship regarding current advancement relating to the history and contemporary practice in computer music.

    Specific topic of interest are outlined below:
    20 channel soundscape with panoramic projection and live sensing of human bodily movement.
    Non-linear mapping: theoretical framework from a physics perspective, frequency mapping between sound and light spectrums that more closely correlate with human sensory processing.
    Relationship between generative design (visual) and generative sound.
    provocation, visual and experiential interactivities in a participatory performative environment

    CMS invited lecture #30
    Jiayi Young
    "Big Data, Human Cognition and Provocation“
    9.10.2017, 15 Uhr, Sonic Lab, ABPU Linz
    CMS Gesprächskonzert #9
    Jiayi Young
    „fōnän" work-in-progress:
    Through a series of collaborative efforts, fōnän constructs spatial compositions that layer upon elements of light, sound, movement, data and pattern to provoke questions of society and culture.  
    10.10.2017, 19.30, Sonic Lab, ABPU Linz

    Sonic Saturday, Computermusikkonzert Medium Sonorum im Rahmen des ars elecroncia festival 2017
    Jiayi Young und Shih-Wen Young
    „Transduction“ - public participatory performance
    9.9.2017, 20h, Sonic Lab, ABPU Linz

Kontakt: Ao.Univ.Prof. Andreas Weixler
                 Mag.a Se-Lien Chuang