Broken Bowls 4 - Talk / Letter     Andreas Weixler 1999
computer music based on instrumental composition

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Broken Bowl 4 - Talk has been produced at SUSS - Sheffield University Sound Studio during a composers residency from July-August 1999.

The Composition is based on an algorithmic score by Andreas Weixler performed by  Dagmar Hoedl, mezzo sopran & ContrastTrio: Christos Polyzoides (vla), François Benda (cl), Janna Polizoides (pno).

Recordings: ContrastTrio live at Kulturzentrum Minoriten, Dagmar Hoedl at IEM Studio, Graz, 1998 by Andreas Weixler as sound engineer

The production of the electroacoustic composition has taken place in SUSS Studio 2 using ProTools 4.3.1 with TDM plugins TC Mega Reverb 3.0, TC Works EQ Sat 3.0, GRM Tools 1.2 (shuffle, pitch accmulation), Audiosuite plugins vari-fi, sci-fi, EQII and SoundDesigner 2.8.3 running on a Macintosh 9600/350 Computer, monitored by ATC SCM20 active loudspeaker system.

Duration: version Talk: 2: 30, version Letter: 4:06

02.11.1999 Pusan Electronic Music Association -  Süd-Korea/ South Corea
30.08.2002 Hotel Pubik Festival Schrattenberg, Austria

with the video Trinity by Se-Lien Chuang:
12.12.1999 Festival Elektrokomplex 99, Rhiz Wien, Austria
26.02.2000 Center for Contemporary Art, vul. Skovorody 2/Kyiv (Rußland) ,
15.05.2000 Nagoya City University, Japan
15.12.2000 Experimental Intermedia, New York, USA

update: 18.09.2002