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MAIN!WAVES by Andreas Weixler1998


The composition deals with improvisation of precomposedresources and spatialisation made with LAP - Live Audio Positioning Systemprogrammed by the composer.

Composition realised on behalf of Projekt-TheaterWien New-York and Thomastik-Infeld.

MAIN!Waves is performed in the version with livearco-piano accompanied by an ADAT 8-channel tape produced at SAMT - Studiofor Advanced Music and Media Technology at the Bruckner-Conservatory inLinz/Austria and at Atelier Avant Aweixler in Graz/Austria. Recordings forfurther processes are taken in January 1998 at the Institute for ElectronicMusic at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz/ Austria performedby

Se-Lien Chuang,arco-piano

Dagmar Hödl,mezzo-sopran

Anselm Schaufler,violine

Live arco-piano: Se-LienChuang


2 versions can be perfomed: a) tape version - ADAT 8 channel
b) live version - piano and ADAT 8 Channel

Opcode-MaX 3.5, ProTools 4.1, LAP Live Audio Positioning

PowerMacintosh 7200 and 8100, ProTools 888, ADAT

Piano, ADAT, 8 Channel Audio, 2 Mics



premiere: 11.2.1998 Konzerthaus Wien ; (tape version)

other representations: ImagesAcoustiques Linz ´98, (tape version)

ElektroKomplex,conference on electroacoustic music Vienna 1998 (live arco version)

12.05.99 Lüneburg/BRD 21.internationale Studienwoche zeitgenössischer Musik

You can download LAP:

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