Das Kichern der silbernen Flöte

by Se-Lien Chuang and Andreas Weixler 2006, about 12’
audiovisual realtime processing and improvisation

Rowland Sutherland: flutes
Se-Lien Chuang: concept, composition, visuals, Max/MSP/Jitter, super collider audio transformation
Andreas Weixler: concept, composition, multichannel real time granular synthesis, Max/MSP/Jitter

This is the newest concept of an algorithmic composition/improvisation with the audiovisual interactive computer system created by Andreas Weixler and Se-Lien Chuang in the graphical programming environment Max Msp Jitter.

Instruments are played in the style of contemporary composition/improvisation, in this case a classic flute. The computer system consists of a pitch and dynamic detection, real-time visual processes and a live multi-channel granular synthesis with advanced controlling and performing methods. All computing devices, the audio detection, the visual and the audio processing are linked via a wireless Lan to reciprocally influence each other.

commission of SKE Fonds, world premiere in London at electronic access 06

electronic access @ Goldsmiths

Monday 6th of November 2006, 7:30 pm
Great Hall, Goldsmiths College, London

A concert of computer music, video and interactive audiovisual improvisation

Andreas Weixler and Se-Lien Chuang (composer, Austria)
with Rowland Sutherland (flute, UK)

presented by the Electronic Music Studios at Goldsmiths

support by
Austrian Cultural Forum in London, the province government of Styria and province government of Upper Austria, City of Linz, the Arts Division of the Austrian Federal Chancellery, commission of SKE Fonds

The computer system and Max/Msp/Jitter
created by Andreas Weixler and Se-Lien Chuang

three modules of our computer system on two to three Macintosh G4 Powerbooks are interacting with the players, i.e. of the arco piano, a flute, a bass recorder, and of the electroacoustic hyper instrument, analysing the sounds, exchanging data between analysis, audio and video computing to make an age-old dream of artists come true: to make music visible and images audible. The visual and musical components interact and exercise mutual influence thus leading to unique synthesis of arts.

The goal of this project in computer music is to create an interface for visual and music computing for an associated audiovisual composition as well as to find technical and artistic solutions for the combination of traditional instruments with audio and visual computing in terms of interactivity and realtime processing and last but not least to create pure computer music.

Andreas Weixler: multi channel granular synthesis
by processing the instrumental sound in realtime the computer becomes a hyper instrument played in an improvisation along with the musical instrument, spreading its sound on a 8 channel sound system, controlling flocks of grains, rearranging those in terms of pitch, time, order and position in the acoustic environment.
By its improvisation of music the data of the granular treatment also determines part of the visual computing, so the progression of music and visuals appears in sync.

The arco piano, the flute and the bass recorder are acting not only as an musical instruments, but furthermore as an interface for the computing system. The musical instruments are controlling the creation of the visuals in realtime and their sounds will feed the granular synthesis distributed on 8 channels. The control data of the granular synthesis are linked with the visual computing, also changes of the parameter of the visual computing effects the link of the data exchange of the visual and the audio computing.

Andreas Weixler & Se-Lien Chuang, October 2006,
<> http://avant.mur.at

Rowland Sutherland

Flautist Rowland Sutherland enjoys an international career in many different fields of music. He regularly performs in new music ensembles, jazz groups, symphony orchestras, various non-Western groups, pop outfits and as a soloist. Many of Rowland's solo contemporary flute performances have been broadcast on BBC Radio 3. He has composed and arranged music for groups, ensembles and for the BBC.

Rowland studied flute at the Guildhall School of Music mainly with Kathryn Lukas and studied jazz with the late Lionel Grigson in the mid 1980s.
He is a flute professor at the Trinity College of Music and the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

He has performed with a number of new music ensembles and dance companies. These include: New Music Players, Ixion, Icebreaker, London Musici, Lontano, Music Projects/London, Phoenix Dance and Rambert Dance Company.
Orchestras played with include: Philharmonia, Bournemouth Symphony, B.B.C. National Orchestra Of Wales, London Philharmonic, European Community Chamber, Sadlers Wells Royal Ballet and B.B.C. Radio. He played principal flute with the latter three.

As bandleader, Rowland leads several bands including the Brazilian influenced Mistura, 'Creative Force' a six piece contemporary Jazz group, which features Orphy Robinson on vibes and uses African-funk and Reggae rhythms.
Rowland co-leads the quintet In Kimbe, with Sardinian vocalist Filomena Campus which explores Mediterranean and Brazilian jazz and free improv.
He also co-leads an experimental/free improv trio called Myrtle, with Alwynne Pritchard (voice) and Thorolf Thuestad (computer), which was formed in 2006.


Andreas Weixler

Born 1963 in Graz Austria, composer for contemporary instrumental composition, computer music and audio visual interactivity.

* education
study of composition at the University of Music and Dramatic Arts in Graz, Austria, with Andrzej Dobrowolski, Younghi Pagh-Paan, diploma with Beat Furrer 1995, pre-studies in sound engineering and physics. Special researcher at the Nagoya City University in computer music and audiovisual interactivity 2000-2001

specialising in computer music in workshops and artist in residence in Austria, Germany, Swiss, England, France and Japan 1993-2005.

* performances
concerts, performances and lectures in Austria, Germany, Swiss, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, CSFR, Russia, Canada, Columbia, Brasil, China, Taiwan, Japan, South-Korea and USA.
Broadcastings in Austria, Germany, Swiss, Netherlands, Hungary, Finnland, Belgium a.o.

since 1981 running Atelier Avant Austria for contemporary composition, computer music & media arts together with Se-Lien Chuang. http://avant.mur.at

* teaching (selection)
since 1997 lecturer at Bruckner-University Linz, Austria for music- & media technology
since 2004 lecturer at the University of Arts in Linz, Institute of Media, for audiovisual interactive projects / Max Msp Jitter and audio Programming.

International lectures and guest professorship in computer music, composition and media arts (Austria, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, South-Korea a.o).

* management (selection)
since 1995 member of the directors board of the Austrian society of electroacoustic music
Organisation of numerous events (electronic access, ElektroKomplex, d.a.s. CDs and others)
1993-1999 organisation of the publication series contribution to electronic music at IEM Graz as an editor.


Se-Lien Chuang

composer, pianist and media artist
1965 born in Taiwan, since 1991 residence in Austria

2005 Magistra artium in composition (Beat Furrer) at the University for Music and Dramatic Arts in Graz/Austria; 1999 diploma with distinction in Music and Media Technology at Studio for Advanced Music and Media Technology (Adelhard Roidinger, Karlheinz Essl) at Bruckner-University Linz/Austria; scholarship in Silicon Graphics Studio at WIFI/ Graz/ Styria; 1996 piano-diploma in IGP - Instrumental-Vocal Pedagogics (Walter Groppenberger), second instrument recorder (Adelheid Creuzburg) at the University of Music and Dramatic Arts in Graz/Austria; study of electroacoustic music at the Institute of Electroacoustic and Experimental Music (Tamas Ungvary, Wolfgang Musil) at the University of Music and Dramatic Arts in Vienna/Austria;

artistic activities (selection)
2003/04 lecturer in computer visual communication at Tainan National College of the Arts, Department of Applied Music /Taiwan;
2000/01 research project in computer music and audio-visual arts in Nagoya City Universiy/ Japan;

diverse performances and study-stays in Europe, Asia, Russia, Canada, South- and North America.

* Experimental Intermedia NYC ´00 and ´06
* Wien Modern - Musik der Gegenwart Vienna/Austria 2005
* Ars Electronica 2005, Linz/Austria
* Ultraschall Festival für Neue Musik 2005 - Berlin/Germany
* Logos Tetrahedron 2004 - live electronic music and video Gent/Belgium
* JSEM concert 2004 -Japanese Society of Electronic Music, Tokyo/Japan
* 2003 k r y p t o n a l e 9 Festival Berlin/Germany
* 2003 Busan International Digital Technology Music Festival, South Korea
* SICMF 2002/03 –Seoul International Computer Music Festival, South Korea
* ISEA 2002 – the 11th International Symposium on Electronic Art Nagoya/Japan
* Laval Virtual and VRIC (Virtual International Conference), France ´01
* concert New International Community of Electroacoustic Music (NICE)/Amsterdam, Netherland '00
* SIBGRAPI 2000 Video Festival/Gramado-RS, Brazil


electronic access

is a series of concerts of electroacoustic, experimental music and media art and CD production founded by Andreas Weixler 1993.

electronic access 93, Studio 3 of the ORF national broadcasting in Graz, CD: Klangschnitte 2

electronic access 95, at the studio stage of Vereinigten Bühnen - opera house Graz,
CD electronic access 95

electronic access 2004, special asia: Japan,concerts with the Japanese society of electronic music
Vienna, ORF RadioKulturhaus and Linz, Bruckner-University

electronic access @ Goldsmith´s 2006
the Electronic Music Studios at Goldsmiths College, London


Details on this programm can be found at URL: http://avant.mur.at/concerts/goldsmith06