Seoul Lightingale

audiovisual transformation

To generate synaesthesia of audio and visual the live improvisation of instruments will be processed in realtime, generating colors, shapes and pictures accordingly to the frequency range and dynamics. Also the granular synthesis of the sound will be replayed in the performance.

international premiere:
Seoul International Computer Music Festival 2003
in South-Corea, November 8.-12.  2003

[+]Concert 4
Monday, Nov. 10, 2003, 7:30 pm
KCAF Arts Theater -Andreas Weixler "Seoul Lightingale" (korean traditional instruments and interactive audio-visual media)

Eunil Kang, Haegeum
Kyunghwa Yu, Percussion & Cheolhyungeum
Heoh Yoon Jeong, Geomungo
Andreas Weixler, computer
Se-Lien Chuang, interactive stage camera
composition commissioned by SKE Fonds
with kind support of
The Austrian Embassy in Seoul
City of Graz
The Province of Upper Austria!.jpgdrum8.jpgdrum9.jpgGeomungo1,jpgGeomungo2.jpgGeomungo3.jpgGeomungo4.jpgGeomungo6.jpgGeomungodetail2.jpgGeomungoinstr2.jpgGeomungoinstr3.jpgHaegeum1.jpgHaegeum2.jpgHaegeum4.jpgHaegeum3.jpgHaegeum5.jpgHaegeum6.jpgHaegeum8.jpgHaegeum10.jpgHaegeum11.jpgHaegeum11.jpgperc2.jpgperc3.jpgperc8.jpgperc12.jpgperc12.jpgpercinstr1.jpgverbeugung.jpg