Se-Lien Chuang & Andreas Weixler
Erinnerung in jedem Laut
audiovisual interactive improvisation for yan-zin, vocals and computer system

these pictures are examples for the live video processing of our interactive audio visual performance regarding to the live input of the sounds, which are analized in pitch and dynamic and processed to be mapped for the parameters of the visual processing.

screen shots 1

screen shots 2

screens Bildprozesse 1

screens Bildprozesse 2

Konzert Fotos

these pictures are taken at the performance of "Erinnerung in jedem Laut" by Se-Lien Chuang and Andreas Weixler live at Sumida Triphony Hall, Tokio, Japan

Portait Fotos

Se-Lien Chuang and Andreas Weixler , Atelier Avant Austria


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