ars electronica festival 2005 Interface Culture concert

Erinnerung in jedem Laut
audiovisuelle interaktive Improvisation für Yan-Zin, Stimme und Computersystem
"the listening imagination"

Se-Lien Chuang: Yan-Zin, Stimme, visuals, Max/msp/Jitter
Andreas Weixler: Mehrkanal Granularsynthese, Max/msp/Jitter


technical realisation

von ars

2x condensor microphones
4-channel speaker system with sub woofer
2x monitor speaker system
1x main mixer
2x data videoprojector
2x projection wall
2x long VGA cable 10 m
audio cable: 8 time phone jack (Klinke) to main mixer

von Atelier avant

2x G4 Macintosh Computers <>

1x wireless vocal microphone
1x stage mixer (with 2 Aux send pre fade)
2x VGA TFT video monitor (for performer)
1x VGA spltter
2 Midi controller

von interface culture

1 Macintosh G5