cave  (1999) by  Chuang Se-Lien

Deutsche Version

is produced at USSS (University of Sheffield Sound Studios/England) in July/August 1999 during a composers residence.

length: 10 min 47 sec
premiere; 08.10.1999, "Vexsations-Satieric Reactions" at the Anton Bruckner Private University (formerly Bruckner Conservatoire in Linz)   

software: Peak 1.65 LE, Sound Designer 2.8.3,  Methasynth 2.5, GRM 1.51, Sound Hack 0.881PPC, ProTools 4.3.1, TC/WORKS Ver 3.0, Audio-Suite Plug-Ins

The distinguished sounds layers are perceptible in all movements. Through some kind of refined reverberation it does make the audience to have acousmatic listening.

updated: 31.08.1999, cselien SUSS; 31.01.2001, cse NCU; 30.10.2004 Elektronisches Studio TU Berlin; 08.10 2010, csl AAA