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Virtuoso Chances
Portrait Se-Lien Chuang & Andreas Weixler

Encounter of the Austrian/Taiwanese duo with the Sonic Arts Ensemble of ACCAD. Algorithmic concepts, improvisation and realtime audiovisual processing, electroacoustic music and art video.

CONCERT 23 September 2019 8 pm

The Motion Lab 


Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design







Die Wege entstehen im Gehen (Semi)

MusikVideo, 8 ch



Double Fancy

realtime processing mpro



gula huset





MusikVideo, 8 ch



für Pi

8 ch




SonicArts AVI iscore





1h 1m 21s

1. WaterGhosts

2. Die Wege entstehen im Gehen (Semi)

3. Double Fancy OSU

4. gula huset

5. Wetterleuchten - virtuoso chances return home

6. for Pi

7. Momentum ACCAD


Andreas Weixler 2017 VICC
5 channel electroacoustic composition based on contemporary instrumental sounds and vocals

composed 2017 at VICC - Visby Internationale Centre for Composers

WaterGhosts was created in the Studio Alpha of VICC during a composer in residence in February 2017. All electronic sounds are based on recordings of acoustic instruments. A multichannel realtime audio processing studio session of voice and double bass gave gestural movements of acoustic as well as generated electronic sounds in a  mutual improvisation. Recordings of the acoustic sounds of low drums and a trombone are then altered by the same max msp live processing of granular synthesis and stochastic spatialisation. The compositions is then completed by a Petzold subcontrabass recorder audio processing in the studio to configure a spatial composition in an organic soundscape.

Jonny Axelsson (S), low drums and Ivo Nilsson (S), trombone,recorded 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden.
Matilda Andersson (S), vocal and Jonas Nilsson (S), double bass and Andreas Weixler (A) live electronics are recorded 2017 in Studio Alpha VICC, Visby, Gotland, Sweden.
Julia Russer (GER), Petzold subcontrabass recorder, recorded at the Computer Music Studio in Linz, Austria 2014. All recordings and electronic processing by the composer.

Die Wege entstehen im Gehen (Semi)
Se-Lien Chuang 2008/09/16

8-channel electroacoustic composition & visual composition

The Sonic Lab of SARC stimulated the multichannel electroacoustic composition of this piece because of the environment, which provides excellent accomodation for a huge amount of Semis (Japanese cicadas). The recordings were made during the research visit to IAMAS (International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences) in Ogaki/Gifu, Japan in July 2008.
There are so many paddy fields and it is so hot by day and by night, all around behind the trees they just begin to sing these distinctive songs in choir or solo part ...
The visual composition was especially created in 2009 at Atelier Avant Austria for the DeepSpace.

Audio 2008, SARC-Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queens University, Belfast/Northern Ireland;
Video 2009/2016 Atelier Avant Austria


Double Fancy OSU
realtime processing improvisation

Ann Stimpson - flute
Marc Ainger - open percussion
Se-Lien Chuang - mouth organ and voice
Andreas Weixler - electric guitar and electronics

In the artists scene there are several pairs of artists whose success is based on joint work and life. The duo Chuang-Weixler took up this idea to interact with fellow artist couples in a series of concerts called Double Fancy. At ACCAD we present the encounter of the Austrian/Taiwanese artists duo with  the contemporary flutist Ann Stimpson and composer Marc Ainger in a joint concert of a double duo: The concert combines contemporary composition with virtuoso playing technique, improvisation with computer music realtime processing.

gula huset
by Se-Lien Chuang 2017
5 channel electroacoustic composition with contemporary instrumental sounds and vocals

composed 2017 at VICC - Visby Internationale Centre for Composers.
All electronic sounds are transformed from the recordings of acoustic instruments and voices.
The reminiscence of micro fragments was recalling consistently by the recurrent variations and nuances of the saturations during the episodes. Some Strokes can surprisingly pull the listeners out of the state of a trance.
gula huset is created in the Studio Alpha of VICC during a composer in residence in February 2017.
I would like to acknowledge especially and respectively to
Jonny Axelsson (Sweden), percussion and Ivo Nilsson (Sweden), trombone, the sounds of them are recorded 2016 at Jonny’s lovely atelier in Stockholm, Sweden.
Jonas Nilsson (Sweden), double bass and Se-Lien Chuang (Taiwan/Austria), vocal, the sounds of them are recorded 2017 in Studio Alpha VICC, Visby, Gotland, Sweden.

Wetterleuchten - virtuoso chances return home

video with interactive sound file player for instrumental gestures
8 channel audio

Andreas Weixler, composition
Se-Lien Chuang, video

2013 Novars residency, University of Manchester UK
The composition consists of two overlaying parts:
part 1:
 multichannel ambience soundfile player
 • with FFT filtering & algorithmic multichannel sound distribution
part 2: 
multichannel I/O dynamic soundfile player • for instrumental gestures

On the Basis of a recording of an Austrian thunderstorm, recorded in Styria, Austria, an interactive sound file player for instrumental gestures creates sounds which reply to it by recordings of contemporary playing techniques of double bass, violoncello, cembalo and arco piano. The sounds are selected and composed and then spatialized on a multichannel system by virtuoso chances into a multichannel ambience music „Virtuoso Chances - return home“. The interactive sound file player and the music was created an NOVARS Manchester, UK. The video was recorded at Tressenstein in Styria, Austria and edited at Atelier Avant Austria.

for Pi

(the baby has no heart beat)
8-channel electroacoustic composition
by Andreas Weixler 2005

this piece is about an old theme of music, about expression and arousal of emotion and relief of tension, where words cease. Produced at the Electronic Studio of the Technical University Berlin, 2004/05. First premiere: UltraSchall Berlin, 2005, further international premieres.
All sounds are created from the instrumental sound of percussion instruments (among these a huge plate in c#), a marimba and the sound of the sea at Croma /UK.
The used pluggins are GRM and Wave and a dynamic sound file player, a programme routine the composer created in Max msp for the algorithmic movements of the sounds.

Momentum ACCAD
interactive score for open ensemble and audiovisual realtime processesing

by Andreas Weixler & Se-Lien Chuang

Sonic Arts Ensemble - performer

New experiences will be evoked in the encounter of the Austrian/Taiwanese artists duo with the local Sonic Arts Ensemble.
iScore is an interactive score for open ensemble based on graphical notation.
In concert the work comprises a real-time audiovisual environment controlled and performed by computer musicians.
While visual images and processes are being generated during the concert, a multi channel granular synthesis, spectral delays and virtuoso chances fit together minute tonal particles that make up the instrumental sounds into a constantly changing acoustic stream made up of different pitches, durations and positions in the electro-acoustic space. The musical and visual components interact and reciprocally influence each other in order to blend into a unique, synaesthetic, improvisational work of art.