Multichannel Computer Music Concert Hall of the Anton Bruckner University Linz
    ABPU, Hagenstraße 57, 4040 Linz, Austria/EU

    Sonic Lab is a intermedia computer music concert hall with a 20 audio channel surround dome and double video projection, initated by Andreas Weixler & Se-Lien Chuang.

The Sonic Lab

is one of the three concert halls of the new campus building of the Anton Bruckner University. It is designed as computer music concert hall dedicated to multichannel computer music and electroacoustic music including experimental music in cooperation of JIM -  the Institute of Jazz and Improvised Music and the future IKD | CMS  Institute of Composition, Conducting and Computer Music, among others. It is designed on an intiative of Ao.Univ. Prof. Andreas Weixler and Se-Lien Chuang, know as the artists group Atelier Avant Austria, in the years 2005 - 2015 together with a formation of rooms for the Computer Music Studio: Sonic Lab - multichannel computer music concert hall (20+2 ch), Production Studio (20 ch), Lecture Studio (8ch), Computer Research Room (4ch), Project Room (4ch), Archive, Workshop, Machine Room and two faculty offices

"The CMS - Sonic Lab multichannel system has the peculiarity of being distributed on four different levels, with the speakers placed around and above the audience.
From the console, the possibility to control the volume of each loudspeaker allows the interpreter to set, in addition to left / right - front / rear movements, even sound trajectories from bottom to top and vice versa, while allowing diagonal movements and rotations on each of the four levels." Dante Tanzi 2017

    The Sonic Lab periphonic speaker system consists of 20 active speakers:

    a ring of 8 Genelec
    2x Genelec 1037B in 1,5 m, frontspeaker
    6x Genelec 1032A in 1,5 m, surround speaker

    3 quad layers
    4x Genelec 1032A in 3 m, hi level speaker
    4x Genelec 8040A in 5,5 m, ceiling speaker
    4x  ICMC2016-Paper-CMS_studio_reportJH_noname.pages KS Audio CPD 12M ICMC2016-Paper-CMS_studio_reportJH_noname.pages , on ground level

    4 Genelec 7070 A Subwoofer

3D model of the Sonic Lab multichannel sound system by Michael Enzenhofer
(need to install Unity Web Player) - same in the CMS production studio (2 subs)

    PA System
     2x Kling & Freitag CA1215-9SP
     2x Kling & Freitag SW 115-E SP
     4x  KS Audio CPD 12M, (Monitore)

  Laptop connectivity (September 2021)

Dante, USB (without driver) or Lan via DVS

default  speaker mapping:

    ch 1 - 8      —> Ring of eight, 1,5 m (8ch "french eight") -  2x Genelec 1037B in 1,5 m, frontspeaker, 6x Genelec 1032A in 1,5 m, surround speaker
    ch 9 - 12    —>  quad ground speaker, (4ch) 4x  KS Audio CPD 12M (ground monitor 45º)
    ch 13 - 16  —>  quad mid high speaker, 3 m (4ch), 4x Genelec 1032A
    ch 17 - 20 —>  quad top speaker, 5,5 m (4ch), 4x Genelec 8040A
    ch 21 - 24  —>  4 sub woofer, (4ch)  21 Front,  22 Back,  23 Left,  24 Right, 4 Genelec 7070 A Subwoofer
    ch 25 - 32  --->  8 sends

--> 3 data projectors

    a double video/data projection 2x encased
    one middle projector

    Panasonic PT-RZ570

    a production studio on site with same 20-speaker constellation with a studio window

Multi channel computer music concert hall Sonic Lab and CMS production studio

The Computer Music Studio

offers lectures and courses in the field of music and media technology, media composition and computer music, and the range of subjects it offers is closely integrated with those of the Institute of Composition, Conducting and Computer Music IKD | CMS – and JIM, the Institute for Jazz and Improvised Music. The CMS can be seen as an interface and competence centre spanning several institutes of the Anton Bruckner Private University, active in the region through numerous co-operations and internationally networked with exchanges and a lively conference scene.

The Computer Music Studio organizes numerous concert and lecture series: list

The Computer Music Studio was founded in 1995 as the SAMT - Studio for Advanced Music And Media Technology by DI Adelhard Roidinger and the Rector of the Bruckner Conservatory, Hans Maria Kneihs in the buildings of the Software Park Hagenberg. Since 2008 the University Studio, as it became, has been under the direction of  Ao.Univ.Prof. Mag. Andreas Weixler. At the same time an institute directive changed the name of the studio to the CMS - Computer Music Studio.

facilities of CMS, first floor

 Anton Bruckner University, Linz
 CMS - Computer Music Studio
 IMMC - The International Multichannel Music Consortium

speaker positions

design by MOOI


    Keynotes, Concerts, Workshops.

    opening ceremony on November, 17th, 2015
         18.30 doors open
         19.00 opening ceremony
         21.30 chill out

    honorary guests:
    John Chowning (Stanford University/USA), Jonty Harrison (BEAST/UK)
    Karlheinz Essl (MDW/A)
and Gerfried Stocker (AEC/A)

  workshops with John Chowning and Jonty Harrison on 18th November (11 AM, 3 PM) and 19th of November (11 AM)


    Jonty Harrison - Tuning In to the Future
    John Chowning -
Loudspeakers as Spatial Probes


    compositions by
    John Chowning, Jonty Harrison, Karlheinz Essl, Se-Lien Chuang, Andreas Weixler, Hassan Zanjirani Farahani

     performed by
     Maureen Chowning - Sopran, Ming Wang - pipa, Elvire De Paiva e Pona - soprano, Julia Lenzbauer - clarinet, Mariia Pankiv - piano


    18. 11.2015
    11 Uhr
    Jonty Harrison - Final Frontier or Open Border?

    15 Uhr
    John Chowning - Sound Synthesis and Perception: Composing from the Inside Out

    19. 11.2015
    11 Uhr
    John Chowning - Sound Synthesis and Perception: Composing from the Inside Out

    registration required -->  <>

    initiated by Andreas Weixler