Waon Andreas Weixler 2000/01

the social dimension of improvisation

interactive audio visual performance for 2 instruments

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description of the artistic concept and technical realization

artistic concept
based on the japanese spirit of harmony the computer senses harmony between the players and voices and acts accordingly to them in generating audio and visual.

Waon is an audiovisual improvisation for two musical instruments.

In the first part voices of different nations (Japan, USA, Taiwan, Austria) will be analysed and transformed to melodies by oscillators and visuals by the computer.

In the second part, two live instruments are improvising from playing the same note, over micro tonal distortions up to free audiovisual improvisation.
The computer senses the correspondence of the instruments and reacts in real time. If there is only one frequency, the system plays the same and everything is quiet and in tune (waon). If the notes are different from each other, the computer plays all notes inbetween as an electronic sound ambience. In case of very far distance the computer reacts with as much frequencies as possible, which could be a noise.
The analysis and reactions are displayed in real time by graphics, based on circles and their distortions, ovals.


29.4.concert at TNCA, Tainan National College of Art, Taiwan, computer music and realtime interactive audiovisual
27.4.2003 National Theater Concert Hall in Taipeh , Taiwan

Pai Yu Ching, sheng & Tsai Chen Yu, erhu
Andreas Weixler, computer system
ISEA concert on 29th of October, Aichi Arts Center, Nagoya
29.10.2002, selected for ISEA 02, International Symposium on Electronic Art
Kuwayama Kiyoharu,  guitar, handmade electronics
Andreas Weixler,  concept, max/msp progamming, guitar
25.5.2001 IEM Cube at the VNM Festival Graz, Austria
Martin Zrost, Bassklarinette, Saxophon, E-Bass; Andreas Weixler, E-Gitarre, Computersystem
15.12.2000 Experimental Intermedia, New York, USA
szene instrumental, cl & vlc; Andreas Weixler & Se-Lien Chuang, computer system

voices and messages from Se-Lien Chuang (Taiwan/A), Phill Niblock (USA), Asako Soga (Japan), One-mobil (A), and a performance like talk by Andreas Weixler (A) and the owner of a Curry-Udon Restaurant in Nagoya (Japan).

technical realization

Macintosh PB G3 with Max/msp

research studio: Sound Design Lab/Nagoya City University, School of Design and Architecture, Japan 2000/2001 as Japan Foundation Fellow.

live setup

1 Macintosh PB G3 with Max/msp
1 Audio Mixer 4/2
2 condenser microphones
1 video/data projector
1 VGA Monitor (optional)
2 - 4 speaker system with sub woofer (optional, recommended)
normal stage
1 projection wall

2 musicians play live with their instruments (any) and a computer is creating audio and visuals accordingly
duration about 10 - 30 minutes

The Instruments can be any, which have certain notes (a frequency range) in common.
The live computer system is performed  by Andreas Weixler & Se-Lien Chuang.

screen shots from the max/msp programmming

CD and Video

CD AUDIO with a short edit and the full version of the premiers of Waon at vnm01 in the IEM Cube, Graz, performed by Martin Zrost und Andreas Weixler.

DVD VIDEO, DV und S-VHS content a a short edit and the full version of the documentation of the premierees at Experimental Intermedia New York 2000 and at VNM01 in Graz.

premiere 12.2000 at Experimental Intermedia, New York, USA

szene instrumental, cl & vlc;

Andreas Weixler & Se-Lien Chuang, Computersystem

Phill Niblock, video recording; Se-Lien Chuang, video editing

performance on 25.5.2001 at VNM Festival Graz, Austria

Martin Zrost, bass clarinette, saxophon, e-bass

Andreas Weixler, e-guitar, computer system

Se-Lien Chuang, video recording  & video editing

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update 22.07.2002