Living Cave 

Se-Lien Chuang, Andreas Weixler

Atelier Avant Austria

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Living Cave is an interactive audio visual installation.
The room reacts to sound of the audience in an algorithmic choice of pictures and their transformation and processes realtime audio within an electroacoustic composition.
Se-Lien Chuang concept, audio & visuals & Andreas Weixler audio & interactive programming.

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Project Partners

Nagoya City University, School of Design and Architecture, Sound Lab - Japan
Project Description
The interactive audiovisual installation Living Cave is very flexible to the exhibition site. It detects audio by a number of microphones, which could be hidden in room or be handed out to selected persons of the audience aswell. It then makes a choice of pictures accordingly to the sound and transform those. Also the sound will be transformed in stereo or 4 channel by granular synthesis and will fit in a prepared electroacoustic composition.
All in all it creates a visual and audio ambience accordingly to the sound fed into the system.


Till now we performed  7 types:
Technical equipment
4 G3 or G4 Macintosh Computer (for audio and for video processing)

4 Midi Interfaces

4-8 condenser microphones, 2 wireless mics, 2 contact mics

4 active loud speaker

small audio mixing console

2-6 data & video projector

1 CD Player

a construction of projection walls or a special architecture

div. cables

Software: For realtime processing we use a patch in Max/msp, which we developed and X-pose for visual sampling.

 (note: there is a smaller version for 2 computers, 2 projectors and a full version for 4 computers and up to 6 projectors)

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