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Andreas Weixler

composer, performer, university professor, lecturer
*1963, Graz, A

Composition diploma with Beat Furrer at the KUG in Graz, studies with Andrzej Dobrowolski and Younghi Pagh-Paan. He is teaching computer music as an associate university professor and director of the Computer Music Studio at the Anton Bruckner Private University and as a lecturer at Interface Culture in Linz as well as senior lecturer at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna.
His concepts led to invitations for concerts and lectures in Europe, Asia, North and South America.

ART - artictic activities

Andreas Weixler is currently specializing in contemporary composition and improvisation with live electronics.
Electronic composition, computer music, contemporary instrumental music, real-time computer audio/video processing, free improvisation, odds, jazzrock, avant pop.  Cooperation with contemporary dance, literature and theatre. Specialization in improvisation with audiovisual interactivity, algorithmic composition, interactive score and digital sound processing. 200 internationally published compositions and media works in 24 countries in over 230 international festivals and concert series with contemporary ensemble, theater, dance, visual arts, film and video in international festivals, concert series, exhibitions and selection for international conferences (ICMC, NIME, SMC, ISEA, etc.) in Europe, Asia, South and North America .
Austria, Germany, France, Switzerland, England, Northern Ireland, Cyprus, Belgium, Italy, Holland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Canada, Colombia, Brazil, Cuba, Costa Rica, Mexico, Russia, Ukraine, China, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore , South Korea, Australia and USA. Portrait concerts in Austria, Switzerland, USA and UK.
Austria-wide and international radio broadcasts.

As a performer the artist plays electric guitar in a contemporary style including realtime electronics.
Performances in Austria, Japan, Australia, Croatia, Slovenia, Denmark, Norway, Ohio and recently - online.

Since 1996 running Atelier Avant Austria jointly with Se-Lien Chuang, with key aspects in development of audiovisual interactive systems and audio/visual realtime/non-realtime processing, computer music and algorithmic composition. 2018 Andreas Weixler and Se-Lien Chuang were awarded as the best European piece by the ICMA - International Computer Music Association for their audiovisual interactive work.

videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/SonicIntermedia/videos
media art: Computermusik: http://avant.mur.at/media.en.html
list of works: http://avant.mur.at/weixler/werke/werkliste.html


Musikprotokoll (Graz), Sound Junction (Sheffield / UK), ACCAD OSU - Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design (Columbus / Ohio), ACF nyc (New York City), v: nm Festival (Graz), ars electroncia festival (Linz), Longyou International Music Festival (China), Audior (Milan), Sonorities (Belfast), SICMF Seoul International Computer Music Festival, STIO Alpenglow (Graz, Zagreb, Copenhagen), Toy Piano World Summit - Good Luck Rainy Days (Philharmonie Luxemburg), Essl Museum (Klosterneuburg), electronic access (Graz, Vienna, Linz, London), die andere saite (Graz), Konzerthaus Wien, Musikverein (Vienna), Sophien Säle (Berlin), New York Electroacoustic Music Festival, Crossing Europe Filmfestival (Linz), NOVARS Summer Matinee (Manchester), Sonic Intermedia (Linz), Jim Communicate (Linz), Porgy & Bess (Vienna), Wien Modern, Burgtheater (Vienna) , Hermann Nitsch Orgien Mysterien Theater (Prinzendorf, Vienna, Berlin, Bonn), real-time / non real-time electronic music Festival (Basel), National Theater Concert Hall in (Taipei), Künstlerhaus Klagenfurt, Hotel Pupik Festival (Schrattenberg), artport & Media Select (Nagoya), Laval Virtual (France), Experimental Intermedia (New York), SIBGRAPI Video Festival, (Gramado, Brazil), Elektrokomplex - ORF Radio Kulturhaus (Vienna), Musica Scienza, Centro Ricerche Musicali (Rome), IAMAS (Gifu/Japan), Sumida Triphony Hall (Tokyo), Sichuan Conservatory in Chengdu / China, ICMC (int), ISEA (Japan, Singapore), SMC (int) - among many others.


Stadler Quartet (A), Sonic Arts Ensemble and dancers of ACCAD (Ohio, USA), STIO Styrian Improvisers Orchestra, Wind Quintet of the Klangforum Wien, exxj Ensemble XX. Century, Ensemble Phase (South Korea), Figura Ensemble (Denmark), Shanghai ICMC Ensemble (China), Slowind (Wind Quintet Slovenia), TonArt-Ensemble Hamburg, JIM faculty (Austria), Roots Ensemble (ICMC Belfast), Juilliard Electric Ensemble (New York), DissonArt Ensemble (Greece), Janus Ensemble (Vienna), sang sang (South Korea), Kuwayama-Kijima (Japan), pierrot lunaire ensemble (Vienna), CFMW China Found Music Workshop - Ceiphon Ensemble (Taiwan), ContrastTrio, Klangforum - Vienna, scene instrumental, percussion ensemble Dama - Dama, Austrian Art Ensemble, Ensemble für Neue Musik Zürich, Orbis-Quartett, Grazer Posaunen Quartett, Andreas Weixler Corporation, Eliott Biss und die Unerhörten, Goldfische, Anchrax,
numerous concerts with musicians from the concert series die andere saite, a composers Union in Graz.


Tilen Lebar (alto sax, Slo), Kristine Görk (voc, A), Yvonne Hofmeister (voc, A), Harald Hofmeister (git,A), Gu Wen Qi 頋文麒 (China, Guzheng, 古箏), Marc Ainger (USA, git) and Ann Stimson (USA, flute), Petra Stump-Linshalm & Heinz-Peter Linshalm (A, clarinets), Johannes Kretz (A), Wei-Ya Lin (TW/A), Aleksandra Dragosavac (Serbia, piano), Miloš Katanić (Serbia, Accordeon), Vojtěch Drnek (Czech Republic, Accordeon), Julia Russer (GER, Petzold), Jonny Axelsson (Sweden, percussion), Ivo Nilsson (Sweden, trombone), Matilda Andersson (Sweden, voice), Jonas Nilsson (Sweden, double bass), Jesper Løvdal (Sax, Denmark) 
Gernot Tutner (A, electroncis), Seppo Gründler  (A, e-guitar, electronics), Josef Klammer (A, drums), Stephan Maaß (A, drums, perc), Agnes Heginer (A, Gesang), Christoph Cech (A, synth), Martin Stepanik (A, piano), Tristen Parr (Cello, Perth, Australien), Marianne Gythfeldt (bass clarinet, USA), Andrew Borkowski (Violoncello, USA), Mike Frengel (electric guitar, USA), Nicole Cariglia (Violoncello, USA), Madeleine Shapiro (NYC, Violoncello), Pierre A Tremblay (Bass, UK) Lauren Hayes (prepared piano, UK), Xenia Pestova (toy piano, UK), Karlheinz Essl (m@ze°2, Austria), Se-Lien Chuang (piano, bass recorder, interactive visuals, TW/A), Faye Snowdon (UK, Flöte), Sioned Roberts (UK, Klarinette), Richard Eigner (A, Percussion), En-Ju Lin (Pipa, Taiwan) Wolfgang Schliemann (Schlagwerk, Deutschland), Martin Speicher (Saxofon, Deutschland), Ulrich Phillipp (Kontrabass, Deutschland), Ann Evans (UK) - saxophone, Heather Roche (UK/D, clarinet), Elfi Aichinger, Andreas Schreiber, Christian Radovan, Annelie Gahl, Hermann Stangassinger (A, Kontrabass), Vicky Chow (New York City, piano), Hsin-Huei Huang, Pedro Rebelo (Belfast), Franziska Schroeder (UK/GER, Sax) John Kenny, Gascia Ouzounian (UK), Laoise Kelly (Irish harp), Ivan Goff (Irish pipes), Uli Fussenegger, Todd Reynolds (New York City), Petra Ackermann, Zsófia Szeghalmy, Rowland Sutherland (London), Fabian Pollack, Judith Unterpertinger,  Peter Herbert (A, double bass), Reinhard Micko, Pai Yu Ching (sheng) & Tsai Chen Yu (erhu), Martin Zrost, Kiyoharu Kuwayama (J, vio), Rina Kijima (J, violin), Kagusho Kitagawa (J, biwa),  Michael Moser (A, violoncello), Shinobu Ishizuki (J, piano), Christine Svoboda (A, organ), Sandra Kraus (A, flute), Dagmar Hödl (A, mezzo sopran), Ruth Straub (A, violoncello), Ulrike Stadler-Fromme (A, percussion), Arno Steinwider (A, piano), Eva Bajic (A, piano), Katharina Klement (A, piano)

EDU - university teaching

Ao. University professor for computer music / media composition
         at the Anton Bruckner Private University in Linz, Austria
         Habilitation in computer music / electroacoustic composition, venia docendi
         Initiation and development of the Sonic Lab, inter-media, multi-channel computer music concert hall and the premises of the CMS computer music studio.
Lecturer for audiovisual projects in Max Msp Jitter
         at the University for Artistic and Industrial Design Linz, Austria

Senior lecturer for music and computer, as well as multimedia
         at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, Austria

SCI - research

in the field of real-time audio processes, multichannel surround sound, audiovisual interaction, reactive scores and algorithmic composition.
Publications at ICMC, ISEA, transcript Verlag, Hatje Cantz Verlag, Nagoya City University and others

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contemporary composition, computer music, video & interactive media art