interactive modulation of sound by Andreas Weixler (2000)

For the realization in sound regarding the original concept of Gertrude Moser Wagner´s "Ouroboros" (www.art-metabolism.com)) I used techniques of computer music:

I first used granular synthesis of the spoken word "Ouroboros," and then added the distorted resynthesis of a pitch tracking signal, which I calculated corresponding to the two channels of the stereo granular process - alltogether as a realtime process. This meets the idea of the genome project to reorganize original (gen-, audio-) material.

The bisexuality of the ROL 6 I expressed by a random function, which changes in a brownian function between a "female" and a "male" voice and inbetween.

After programming this hyper instrument, I used it to improvise to the video in a musical sense.

produced at Atelier Avant Aweixler, Graz, Austria 2000
Hardware: PowerMacintosh 7200, Software: Max/msp 3.5.9

ouroboros video (avi - 560k)

deutsche version