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Sonic Satie

by Andreas Weixler @ SUSS 1999

Sonic Satie is developed by Andreas Weixler at Sheffield University Sound Studio during a composers residence for the concert night  *Satieric Reaction* organized by Ines Kargel at the Bruckner Conservatory in Linz/ Austria on the 8th of October 1999.

How it works: A piano player keeps on playing Vexations by Erik Satie in one concert hall. The audio signal will be transmitted to another concert hall, where it feeds the input of a Macintosh computer equiped with Max/msp.

The Max/msp patch, programmed by the composer, listens whether the grand piano is played by the performer or not. If not Max starts a sequence of Gymnopedie No1 and No 2 performed by the pianist Se-Lien Chuang for the Disklavier. If the grand piano is playing the computer silences the Disklavier and starts processing the signal of the grand piano.

While the listener in concert hall 1 can listen to a piano piece of Erik Satie, the listener in concert hall 2 will hear a computer processed interactive electro acoustic piece with a live Disklavier and realtime granular synthesis based on what is played in the other room.

*Sonic Satie* has been programmed at the SUSS Studio1 at Sheffield University Sound Studio using Max 3.8.9 with msp running on a G3 Macintosh computer and a Yamaha Disklavier upright piano.

The piano part was performed by Se-Lien Chuang based on Gymnopedie No.1 and 2 by Erik Satie aswell as Vexations by an unknown pianist (on the demo file).

Thanks to Adrian Moore and Liza Chuang for their terrific support and thanks to the music department of the University of Sheffield for the superb facilities gaven to my disposal during my composers residency at Sheffield University Sound Studio SUSS July-August 1999.

Real Audio Demo:  play

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