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c o m p o s i t i o n   &   m e d i a   a r t s

zeitgenössische Komposition, Computermusik, Video & interaktive Medienkunst
contemporary instrumental composition, computer music, video & interactive media arts

Andreas Weixler


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Kunstuniversität Linz
University of Artistic and Industrial Design 

Advanced Audioviusal Interaction Project / Max Msp Jitter

Institute of Media Design


Associate University Professor

at the
Anton Bruckner Private University, Linz, Austria

for computer music and media composition, music and media technology

Institute of Jazz and Improvised Music

Institute of Composition, Conducting and Computer Music
director of the CMS Computer Music Studio


senior lecturer

Universität für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Wien
Institut für Komposition und Elektroakustik


60 international workshops and lectures

Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, China, Hongkong, Singapore, USA, Canada, Australia, Austria, Germany, Swiss, Sweden, England/UK, Northern Irland/UK,

in the field of

• audiovisual interaction
• virtuoso chances
• algorithmic composition
• realtime / non-realtime
• iScore
• Max
• contemporary composition


born in Graz , Austria  1963

composer, lecturer and media artist

for interactive audiovisual performance and installation, contemporary instrumental music, computer music, jazzrelated music, modern dance, contemporary theatre.
Special emphasis in audio visual interactivity and algorithmic composition, as well as electronic sound processing.
Cooperationen with other arts and media (applied and fine arts, modern dance and contemporary theatre, literature, video and tradtional asian music).


of experimental electric guitar
live electronics

concerts in

in Austria, France, Denmark, Northern Ireland, England, Germany, Swiss, Belgium, Denmakr, Norway,  Italy, Netherlands, Czech Republic,
Canada, Columbia, Brazil, Cuba, CHile, Costa Rica, Mexico, China, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, South-Corea, Russia and USA

Broadcastings in Austria, Germany, Swiss, Netherlands, Hungary, Finnland, Belgium, Canada a.o.

Andreas Weixler

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1982 studies in Electrical Engineering at The Technical University of Graz, Austria with special emphasis in sound engineering 

1985/86 studies in Composition with André Dobrowolski, Younghi Pagh-Paan and Beat Furrer at The University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz, Austria. 

Masters Degree in composition 1995 , Magisterium 1997. 

2000-2001 researcher in computer music and media arts at Nagoya City University, Japan 

further education in Austria, Japan, Taiwan, Swiss, France, UK and others 


---> subjects of lectures





           mdw - University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna

           since 2015 Multimedia
           since 2018 senior lecturer for Music and Computer

Kunstuniversität Linz, University of Artistic and Industrial Design 

at the Institute of Media Design Interface Cultures

since 2004 lecturer at the
since 2004    audiovisual projects / Max Msp Jitter, I and II
past: 2004/05 hybride projects / Max Msp Jitter, 2005/06 programming I / audio programming

> Realtime Based Media
past: 2005/06    trans-media and inter-media strategies, 2006/07 digital media & audiory interfaces


Anton Bruckner Private University Linz, Austria

since 1997 - 2011 lecturer 
since 2011 associate University Porfessor
since 2008 director of CMS Computer Music Studio
         1997- 2018 for music- & media technology,

         since 2014 computer music / media composition BA/MA/Phd
2011 habilitation in Computer music and electroacoustic music, associate professor
1997-2001 and 2004,  2006 - 2008 Studio for Advanced Music and Media Technology (SAMT)

since 2001 at the Institute for Jazz and Improvised Music
2003 - 2015 at the Institute of Composition, Conducting and Music Theory
since 2015
Institute of Composition, Conducting and Computer Music


        University of Applied Sciences at Hagenberg

2006 lecturer  for algorithmic art at Media Technology and Design / Digital Media

TNCA Tainan National College of the Art, Taiwan, Applied Music Department

2003/04 guest professor

Karl Franzens University in Graz/Austria

1998 lecturer at the Institute for Musicology  for acousmatic & net-music

University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz (KUG), Austria, IEM Institute of Electronic Music

1992-99 lecturer

symposia, workshops and guest lectures  (60)

Sonic NetArt Performance - electronic and instrumental improvisation between the continents
Andreas Weixler & Se-Lien Chuang
人社三館 5F,音樂研究所
Division of Composition and Technology, Institute of Music
National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University,
Tues 21.02.2023, NYCU Hsinchu City, Taiwan

realtime - non realtime – audiovisual processing in composition and performance
Seminar by Andreas Weixler & Se-Lien Chuang during the Longyou Grotto International Music Festival
Longyou Grotto International Music Festival 2019, Oct 24 - 27. 2019
New Music and Media in Ancient Longyou Caves, a cross-cultural 4 day technology-mediated international music festival in the Longyou Grottos, Quzhou, ZheJiang, China in October 2019. Organized by LTA Longyou Tourism Agency and Shanghai Conservatory of Music, China
with kind support of the Austrian Embassy and Austrian Cultural Forum in Peking and the Austrian Consulate General Shanghai
25.10.2019, Guanghe Radisson, Longyou, China

Virtuoso Chances - Se-Lien Chuang & Andreas Weixler
WORKSHOP on iScore and audiovisual interactivity with Sonic Arts Ensemble and dancers of ACCAD
The Motion Lab ACCAD OSU, Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design
at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, USA

Virtuoso Chances
limited random functions in composition and performance
Andreas Weixler & Se-Lien Chuang, composer, media artist, lecturer, Austria/Taiwan
National Chiao Tung University, Hsin Chu City Taiwan
11.04.2017, lecture: 13:20, workshop: 15:30

Symposium: Music with the Real
Se-Lien Chuang & Andreas Weixler,
Vortrag: realtime - non realtime , Einsatz elektronischer Prozesse in Komposition und Performance
New contexts for sound and Image in Performance and Composition
Kuratiert von Carola Bauckholt in Kooperation mit dem Norwegian Artistic Research Programme
ABPU, Linz, 06.12.2016 - Dienstag, 6.12.2016, Kleiner Saal
, 10:00 - 16:30 Uhr, Austria

Stockholm Erasmus
Königliche Musikhochschule in Stockholm
Abteilung Komposition, Besuch des Computermusik Studios

• Masterclass, Ao.Univ.Prof Andreas Weixler, 28.0.2016
• Vortrag Workshop und Konzert, 29.09.2016, Andreas Weixler und Se-Lien Chuang

ISEA 2016 Hongkong
International Symposium on Electronic Arts
artist talk: Audiovisual Realtime Performance The Colours of A Wooden Flute
Andreas Weixler,  & Se-Lien Chuang
Hongkong City University, AC3 Room 5
Saturday, 21 May 2016, 4 PM

FH Graz Joanneum
10.05.2016 Workshop & Vortrag Andreas Weixler
FH Joanneum Workshop Project Work 2
Audiovisuelle Interaktion mit Max/Msp/Jitter
10.05.2016 Raum 307a 13:00

FH Joanneum Workshop Design & Research VO
(für alle Studierenden des Jahrgangs)
Virtuose Zufälle, realtime - non realtime
10.05.2016 Raum 308 17:15

Virtuoso Chances - realtime and non realtime processes
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
ICAT - Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology 
DISIS Studio, School of Performing Arts,Blacksburg, VA, USA

lecture on Virtuoso Chances
, computer music strategies and processing
Northeastern University, College of Arts, Media and Design, Boston, USA
24. February 2014, class of Prof. Hubert Ho
25. February 2014, class of Prof. Mike Frengel

Audiovisuelle Interaktivität
- Zeitgenössische Instrumentalklänge im Spannungsfeld von Improvisation und Echtzeitprozessen
Workshop by Andreas Weixler & Se-Lien Chuang
14. November 2013, Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz, Brugg, Schweiz


Virtuose Zufälle - virtuoso chances
Vortrag von Andreas Weixler & Se-Lien Chuang
23.8.2013, Melbourne University, Computing and Information Systems, Australia

Enhanced Phenotype, interactive score (iScore) for multiple computer, audiovisual realtime composition for open ensemble
ICMC , International Computer Music Conference
long paper presentation, 12.August 2013, Andreas Weixler & Se-Lien Chuang
12. August, State Theatre Centre – Heath Ledger Theatre, Perth, Australia

Workshop „ Virtuose Zufälle in Echtzeit - Improvisation mit Live-Elektronik“
 von Andreas Weixler und Se-Lien Chuang
24.11.2012  Haydn-Saal der MDW, Musikuniversität Wien,
im Rahmen des Schwerpunktes "Neue Musik" bei Jean-Bernand Matter

Vortrag - „Virtuose Zufälle - virtuoso chances“ von Andreas Weixler und Se-Lien Chuang
06.11.2012 Kunstuniversität Wien, Institut für Komposition und Elektroakustik, Wien
Gastvortragende im Seminar THE CHANCES OF CHANCE, Klasse Karlheinz Essl

Vortrag - „virtuoso chances“, virtuoso realtime processes and improvisation
Andreas Weixler and Se-Lien Chuang
13.12.2012 Interdisciplinary Centre for Scientific Research in Music (ICSRiM), University of Leeds, UK

Vortrag „Enhanced Phenotype“ von Andreas Weixler & Se-Lien Chuang
interactive score (iScore) for multiple computer, audiovisual realtime composition for open ensemble
14.12.2012 iFIMPaC - The International Festival for Innovations in Music Production and Composition, Leeds College of Music, UK

Vortrag „Virtuoso Audiovisual Realtime Performance
  30.09.2011 Symposium Challening the Digital Media, The Performing Arts -
University of Waterloo, Stratford Campus, Stratford, Ontario, Canada

workshop  "real-time music systems"
NCTU Workshop Andreas Weixler, Master Program of Music Technology,
National Chiao Tung University, Hsin Chu City Taiwan

Wednesday, 20th April, 1:30-5:30pm

lecture "realtime - non-realtime, interactive music systems"
NCTU, Master Program of Music Technology, computer music at the Music Institute,
National Chiao Tung University, Hsin Chu City Taiwan

April 19th, Tuesday 1:30 - 3.30

Musikalische Interaktionen in Wechselwirkung mit Raum und Architektur
15.12.2009     Sense of Architecture Symposion Raum und Klang, Künstlerhaus Graz, Austria
with Dieter Gutknecht, Andreas Weixler, Irene Suchy, Marion Wicher and Werner Jauk

Musikalische Interaktionen in Wechselwirkung mit Raum und Architektur
17. 11. 2009    Musik, Mathematik und Architektur, International Symposion in cooperation with WIEN MODERN, Konzertsaal am Rennweg, Wien
with Hartmut Krones, Helga de la Motte, Chou Wen-Chung, Andreas Weixler and others.

musical inspiration and digital concepts
31. 08. 2009 European Cultural Capital City Linz, Symposium and dance performance Challenging Music, Dance and Performance: the Electronic Media mit Helga de la Motte (Berlin), Elena Ungeheuer (Berlin), Johannes Goebel (Troy, USA), Christopher Salter (Montreal), Norah Zuniga Shaw (Columbus, USA), Henner Drewes (Salzburg) and Andreas Weixler (Linz) among others.

Improvisation nach interaktiven Grafiken – Im kreativen Spiel mit elektronischen Medien
24.2.2009  Linzer Improvisations Tage 23.-25. February 2009, Anton-Bruckner-Privatuniversität, Linz
lectures: Vinko Globokar, Cordula Bösze, Christoph Cech, Michael Fischer,  Hannes Löschel, Karen Schlimp, Andreas Schreiber, Martin Stepanik, Andreas Weixler

Klang & Vision Ensemble Workshop Andreas Weixler & Se-Lien Chuang
9. und 10.2.2009 Week of Jazz, Jam and more 5.........Vision, Schloß Weinberg OÖ
Institut JIM - Jazz und Improvisierte Musik, Anton-Bruckner-Privatuniversität, Linz

audiovisual realtime processes programming in Max Msp Jitter

09.10.2008 SARC  Workshop am SARC - Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queen´s University, Belfast, Nordirland

works of Weixler-Chuang, computer music and audiovisual realtime processes
08.10.2008    talk at SARC - Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queen´s University, School of Music and Sonic Arts Seminar Series Belfast, Northern Ireland  

computer music and realtime processes
14.07.2008    Gastvortrag und audiovisuelles Konzert, IAMAS gallery - IAMAS International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences, Ogaki, Gifu, Japan

computer music and audiovisual interactivity
06. 11.2006    Electronic Music Studios, Goldsmith College, University of London, Andreas Weixler & Se-Lien Chuang

Virtuoso Audiovisual Realtime Performance: The Colors of A Wooden Flute
29.07.2008    ISEA 2008 - International Symposium on Electronic Art in Singapore, 25th of July - 3rd of August 2008
artist presentation Andreas Weixler & Se-Lien Chuang

Improvised Instrumental Music and Computer Realtime Processes

07.08.2008    IWASEDAN 2008 International Workshop and Symposium for Environmental Design and Architecture in Nagoya,  Japan, 3.-9. August 2008
Nagoya City University, School of Design and Architecture, Sound Design Laboratory
artists presentation by Andreas Weixler and Se-Lien Chuang.

computer music and audio-visual interactivity
06. 11.2006    Electronic Music Studios, Goldsmith College, University of London, Andreas Weixler & Se-Lien Chuang

audiovisual interactivity

20.09.2005    CEMI, Center for Experimental Music and Intermedia
UNT - University of North Textas, College of Music, USA
The  Merrill Ellis Intermedia Theatre
Andreas Weixler & Se-Lien Chuang

audiovisual interactivity

15.09.2005    Owens Fine Arts Center, Meadows School of the Arts
SMU - Southern Methodist University, Division of Music, Texas, USA
Andreas Weixler & Se-Lien Chuang

musical instruments as interfaces
 05.09.2005    Mensch & Computer 2005, 5. interdisciplinary Conference
at the Johannes Kepler Universität Linz     4.-7.09.2005
art and sience - boarderline of the interactive art
InterfaceCulture Group: Christa Sommerer, Laurent Mignonneau, Robert Praxmarer, Martin Kaltenbrunner, Sabine Seymoure, Andreas Weixler and Se-Lien Chuang

Mag. Andreas Weixler und Mag. Se Lien Chuang: Musikinstrumente und deren zeitgenössische Spieltechniken als Interface zwischen Mensch und Computer

audiovisual interactivity
11. + 12.6.2005    lecture and Workshop, Andreas Weixler, guests: Se-Lien Chuang, Christoph Cech
Weinberg Castle in cooperation with JIM – Institute for Jazz and improvisedMusic of the Anton-Bruckner-Privat-University

multichannel computer music and audiovisual interactivity
04.11. 2004     electro acoustic music listening/ Elektroakustische-Musik-hören -"wichtig" Zyklus
at the Electronic Music Studio of the Technical University in Berlin, Germany
Se-Lien Chuang & Andreas Weixler

audiovisual interactivity and Max/Msp/Jitter
workshop at the Bergische Universität Wuppertal, organized by Wolfram Zwanziger,
Lehrstuhl für Visuelle Kommunikation (institut for visual communication), Prof. Hans Günter Schmitz
12th-14th July 2004

From Minimal to Audiovisual
lecture by Andreas Weixler and Se-Lien Chuang for Pusan Electronic Music Association 
November the 13th of 2003 at Dongeui University, Pusan, South-Corea
algorithmic composition and  computer environment 
21.4.2003 lecture at TNCA, Tainan National College of Art, Taiwan

computer music and audiovisal interactivity
22.4.2003 lecture at TNCA, Tainan National College of Art, Taiwan

lecture midi, audio and video with Max/msp/Jitter 
7th-9th of Februar 2003, Institut für Neue Musik an der Staatlichen Hochschule in Freiburg, Germany
audiovisual interactivity
7.5..2002  Weinberg Castle, education centre of Upper Austria, event of the Bruckner-Conservatory
audiovisual interactivity
5.+10. 12.2001, Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics (IEM) at the University of Arts in Graz, Austria
lecture and workshop 

W O R K S H O P - M A X / M S P / N A T O/GEM objectoriented programing for audio, midi and video
13th of November 2001, National Taiwan University of Arts,  Taipeh, Taiwan 
in English translated into Chinese by Se-Lien Chuang 

M A X / M S P / NATO object oriented programming for audio, midi and video
16th - 17th of July 2001, Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig, Germany

computer music and media arts
19.01.2001 Nagoya City University - School of Design and Architecture, Japan, 
computer music, algorithmic composition, audiovisual interactivity together with Se-Lien Chuang in English with Japanese translation by Mikako Mizuno. 

Austrian contemporary composition 
30.11.2000 Aichi Prefectural University, Japan, Workshop about compositions by 
Furrer, Haas, Essl, Kühr, Mitterer, Neuwirth, Cerha, Haubenstock-Ramati, Kaufmann  Weixler & Chuang u.a. 

algorithmic composition & computer music
15.5.2000 Nagoya City University, Japan, 
algorithmic instrumental composition, electronic music, signal processing, interactivity, audiovisual composition and video together with  Se-Lien Chuang (Taiwan/A) , in English with Japanese translation 

object oriented programing with Max/msp
5.5.2000  Nagoya City University, Japan, 
basics in Max/msp, interactive audiovisual art work with X-pose and Max, multichanneling and localisation, algorithmic composition. (in English with Japanese translation.

aspects of electronic music in Austria
12.5.1999 Lünneburg, Germany, speech for the 21st international Studyweek of contemporary music 

1996-99Klangnetze, contemporary composition in Austrian schools, project of  ÖKS

institutions of electronic music  in Austria
June 1997 Brussels, Belgium, speech for the NICE, New International Community of Electroacoustic Music 

applied computer technology in composition
3.-7-11. 97 Workshop for algorithmic composition and digital Soundprocessing at the University of Music and Perfomring Arts, Instiute for Electronic Music, Graz/ Austria 

Sound Design und 3D Audio Environment
4-11.10 96 Workshop at the University of Design and Arts - Linz for AIAS international conference of Universites of Arts, in cooperation with ArchiMedia. 


contemporary arts & composition

starting with compositions of jazzrock, popular music, odd-rhythm and funk music I developed over minimal music, contemporary music and computer music up to interactive audiovisual media arts as well as improvised music.

ongoing performances of original compositions and music; projects in the areas of contemporary music, electronic music, jazz-related music, music theatre, contemporary theatre, dance performance and interactive and audiovisual media arts. 

over 200 international published compositions and media works 

List of Works

Details on selected works:

Seoul LightingaleLightingaleLightingale audiovisual transformation, running-figure-lanternrunning-figure-lantern interactive audiovisual instrumental theater 

Waon Ouroboros Broken Bowl 4 Sonic Satie a crush on You

Corresponding Methal , Glas Seele , Jade f.o.o.t. , Main!Waves , Plate du jour , Nichts 3.1 , szin 8 Atem , Die gepflückte Lotus

concerts& events

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international art festivals, exhibitions, concerts, conferences & symposia (248) :

  1. Live from the Multiverse, Linz - Columbus - Stanford, 2022
  2. STIO - Styrian Improvisers, Graz, 2022
  3. Earthday Festival, online, 2022
  4. Tenor - International Conference on Technolgies for Music Notation and Representation, Marseille, France 2022
  5. SMC - Sound and Computing Conference, Saint-Etienne, France 2022
  6. NIME - New Interfaces for Musical Expression, Auckland, New Zealand 2022
  7. ICMC - International Computer Music Conference, Limerick, Irland 2022
  8. Das 6-Tage-Spiel, Atelier Hermann Nitsch, Prinzendorf, Österreich 2022
  9. Earthday Festival, online, 2021
  10. Tenor 21 - international conference on technologies on music for music notation and representation, Hamburg, 2021
  11. New York Electroacoustic Music Festival, NYC, 2021
  12. SMC - Sound and Music Computing Conference, Torino, Italy, 2021
  13. 150 Values, Graz, 2021
  14. GIK - Grazer Impro Klub, 2021
  15. ICMC - International Computer Music Conference 2021, Santiago, Chile, 2021
  16. V:NM Festival, Graz, 2021
  17. Alpenglow - Styria meets Slovenia,  Ljubljana, 2021
  18. Audio Mostly 2021, Trento, Italy, 2021
  19. Kulturkotter, Graz, 2021
  20. Nownet Arts Conference, online, 2021
  21. CMS Gesprächskonzert, Linz, 2021
  22.  NIME, Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, UK 2020
  23. Sound Junction, University of Sheffield Concert Series, UK 2019
  24. Longyou Grotto Music Festival, China 2019
  25. ACCAD OSU, Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design, The Ohio State University, Columbus, USA 2019
  26. Bridges 2019, Linz 2019
  27. Sonic Sonic Catch_catch as cage can #5 - uncage, Linz 2019
  28. ICMC-NYCEMF 2019, NYC, USA 2019
  29. V:NM Festival, Graz 2019
  30. Rutger University, New Jersey, US 2019
  31. Sonic Catch_catch as cage can #4 mit Sonic Catcher Ensemble - chrom, Linz 2019
  32. STIO & STICRI at KSET, Zagreb, 2018
  33. STIO & STICRI in  Dnevni boravak Rojca, Pula, 2018
  34. Grazer Impro Klub, Forum Stadtpark Graz, 2018
  35. ars electronica festival, Linz, 2018
  36. ALPENGLOW VI - Styria meets Denmark, Kopenhagen 2018
  37. ICMC - International Computer Music Conference,  Daegu, Süd-Korea, 2018
  38. NeMe Arts Centre, Limassol, Zypern 2018
  39. SMC - Sound and Music Computing Conference, Sonic Crossing, Limassol, Zypern, 2018
  40. Sonic Environment  System Jaquelinde - morphology, Linz 2018
  41. Sound & Vision XIII - ear responsible, Linz 2018
  42. CMS Gesprächskonzert #11, JIM Electric 2: Klammer-Maaß-Weixler-Chuang, "Percussion mit Hang zur Elektronik“ 2018
  43. Sonorities 2018, SARC - Sonic Arts Research Center, Queens University, Belfast, 2018
  44. SONIC WAVE AUDIOR , preview Festival 5 Giornate, Mailand, Italien 2018
  45. Sonic Environment II - Organica, Sonic Lab, Linz 2018
  46. Sound & Vision XII - interior light, Sonic Lab, Linz 2018
  47. Sonic Environment I - Wood Scratcher, Sonic Lab, Linz 2018
  48. beat / unbeat, Sonic Catch_catch as Cage can #2 mit Sonic Catcher Ensemble, Sonic Lab, Linz 2018
  49. Strengen Kammer, Lost & Found Porgy&Bess, Wien 2018
  50. ICMC - International Computer Music Conference, Shanghai 2017
  51. GEM Präsentation CD-Edition 30/4, Sonic Lab, ABPU Linz 2017
  52. ars electronica festival, Sonic Saturday,
  53. Sonic Environment, Sonic Lab, Linz 2017
  54. Sonic Catch_catch as Cage can, Linz 2017
  55. JIM Summer Jazz Nites, ABPU, Linz 2017
  56. Sound & Vision XI, ABPU, Linz 2017
  57. Blurred Edges - Festival für aktuelle Musik Hamburg -Transformation #2, 2017
  58.  TNC conference, Linz, 2017
  59. 11. V:NM Festival, Graz 2017
  60. NIME 2017, Kopenhagen, Dänemark 2017
  61. National Chiao Tung University, Hsin Chu City, Taiwan 2017
  62. Sonic Experiments, Sonic Lab, Linz 2017
  63. IGNM @ prattica E in der Ö1-Reihe Zeit-Ton, 2017
  64. Polukružna dvorana Teatra & TD Studentski Centar u, Zagreb, Kroatien, 2016
  65. Music with the Real, ABPU, Linz 2016
  66. Leicht über Linz, Boileroom, Sonic Lab, Linz 2016
  67. 20th anniversary party of V:NM, 2016
  68. Symposium Media Art and the Art Market Symposium, Linz 2016
  69. KMH Königliche Musikhochschule, Stockholm 2016
  70. ICMC Utrecht, HKU University of the Arts Utrecht and Gaudeamus Muziekweek, Utrecht, 2016
  71. SMC - Sound and Music Computing Conference Hamburg, Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg, 2016
  72. ars electronica festival, Sonic Saturday, Soniclab Linz, 2016
  73. Sound & Vision X - PeriphonicSonic, Sonic lab, Linz, 2016
  74. FH Graz Joanneum, Graz, 2016
  75. Kulturzentrum bei den Minoriten, die andere saite, Graz, 2016
  76. Sonic Experiments, Kunstuniversität Linz, 2016
  77. ISEA - International Symposium on Electronic Arts, Hongkong City University and CMC Theatre, 2016
  78. Open Space at JIM Jazz Nite, ABPU, 2016
  79. Strengen Kammer, Lost&Found, Porgy&Bess, Wien, 2016
  80. Kulturzentrum und Café 7*Stern, Wien, 2016
  81. Sonic Dulcimer, Sonic Lab, Sonic Lab, Linz, 2015
  82. OSL - Opening Sonic Lab, Linz, 2015
  83. IGNM @ prattica E, Minoriten, Cubus, Graz, 2015
  84. Brucknerhaus, Forum Zeitgenössisches Musikschaffen Kreiere - Komponiere, Linz, 2015
  85. VICC Visby composer in residence, Schweden, 2015
  86. Deutschlandfunk Radiosendung, Opening festival Neue und alte Musik für Pipa, 2015
  87. Sound & Vision 9 - Interface, Abpu, Linz, 2015
  88. NIME at LSU, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana,  USA 2015
  89. Die Lange Nacht der Österreichischen Neuen Musik, ORF Ö1 Sendung, Zeitton Extended, 2015
  90. V.NM Festival, Graz 2015
  91. Double Fancy, Alte Schmiede Wien, 2015
  92. Studio Fugu, ABPU, Linz, 2015
  93. Sonorities Festival Contemporary Music Queen’s University Belfast, SARC, 2015
  94. Austrian Improvisers Orchestra, Forum Stadtpark, Graz, 2015
  95. DISIS Studio, ICAT, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA, USA, 2015
  96. Virtuoso Chances, Austrian Cultural Forum nyc, New york City, 2015
  97. Musaik, Fest Neuer Musik IGNM Österreich, Echoraum, Wien, 2014
  98. KidsTV, ORF, 2014
  99. CMS CEUS Projekt, Klavierhaus Merta, Linz, 2014
  100. Spektrum Neue Musik II, Abu, Linz 2014
  101. ICMC - SMC - Athen, Griechenland 2014
  102. Alpenglow Styria meets Croatia, Zagrebački plesni centar, Zagreb Dance Centre, 2014
  103. audioart 0.5, Alpenglow, Styria meets Croatia, Museum of contemporary arts in Istria, Pula 2014
  104. New York Electroacoustic Music Festival 2014
  105. Sound & Vision 8 - react, Abpu, Linz 2014
  106. IGNM STMK, Cubus Kulturzentrum bei den Minoriten, 2014
  107. Crossing Europe Filmfestival, picture your sound your picture, Linz 2014
  108. Styrian Improvisers Orchester meets Croatia, Stockwerk, Graz 2014
  109. Sweet Thunder Music Festival of Electro-Acoustic Music, San Francisco 2014
  110. STIO - Styrian Improvisers Orchestra, Graz 2014
  111. Virtuoso Chances, Portraitkonzert, Northeastern University, Boston 2014
  112. STIO - Styrian Improvisers Orchestra, Stockwerk Graz, 2014
  113. die andere saite, Ensemble Schallfeld,  Kulturzentrum Minoriten, Graz, 2014
  114. ICMC - International Computer Music Conference, 2013 Perth, Australien
  115. Northcote concert , Melbourne, Australia 2014
  116. Musik und Mensch, Brugg, Schweiz 2013
  117. Sonic Intermedia NOVARS, ars electronica center, Linz 2013
  118. NOVARS Summer Matinee, Manchester, UK 2013
  119.  Jim Communicate, Linz 2013
  120. New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival, NYC, USA, 2013
  121. Toy Piano World Summit, Good Luck Rainy Days, Philharmonie Luxemburg, 2012
  122. Portraitkonzert Double Fancy, alte Schmiede, Wien 2012
  123. Heidelberger Biennale für Neue Musik, 2012
  124. Sonic Intermedia BEAST, ars electronica center, Linz 2012
  125. Favoriten Modern, Wien 2012
  126. Sensor-Live-Elektronik-Tanz-Projekt, Palais Kabelwerk, Wien 2012
  127. ICMC Ljubljana, Slowenien 2012
  128. INTER/ACTIONS, Bangor, Wales, UK 2012
  129. ICMC - International Computer Music Conference, Huddersfield, UK 2011
  130. V:NM festival Graz, 2011
  131. JIM Faculty Tour, Porgy&Bess Wien, Jazzit Salzburg, Brucknerhaus Linz, 2011
  132. sound & vision IV -  KUNST:MUSIK, APBU, Linz 2010
  133. aNOther festival, Wien 2010
  134. Sonic Intermedia : UEA, intermedia concert, DeepSpace, ars electronica center, Linz 2010
  135. Alpenglow Festival, London 2010
  136. ICMC 2010, International Computer Music Conference in New York City and Stony Brook 2010
  137. Treffpunkt Neue Musik, ORF Studio OÖ, Linz 2010
  138. Sense of Architecture, Symposion "Raum und Klang" Graz 2009
  139. Internationales Symposion „Musik, Mathematik und Architektur“ Wien Modern 2009
  140. SCCH, Hagenberg 2009
  141. Sonic Intermedia, Ars Electronica Centre, Linz 2009
  142. Odeion Kulturforum Salzburg 2009
  143. Challenging Music, Dance and Performance: the Electronic Media, Symposium Kulturhauptstadt Linz 2009
  144. V.NM Festival - Graz 2009 Alpenglühen II - Köln 2009
  145. Jazz-Nite / ars electronica centre - Linz 2009
  146. Sala Villa-Lobos, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil 2008
  147. Santa Marcelina University, Sao Paulo - Brazil 2008
  148. Centro Cultural, Morelia - Mexiko 2008
  149. Music@Queen´s, SARC, Belfast, Nordirland 2008
  150. Festival Internacional de La Habana, Havanna - Kuba 2008
  151. Lange Nacht der Forschung, Linz, Österreich 2008
  152. ICMC 2008, International Computer Music Conference @ SARC, Belfast, Northern-Ireland 2008
  153. ISEA 08  - International Symposium on Electronic Arts, Singapore 2008
  154. IWASEDAN 2008, Nagoya, Japan 2008
  155. OPENHOUSE, IAMAS, Ogaki, Gifu, Japan 2008
  156. Sound and Vision, Bruckner-University, Linz 2008
  157. IGNM Festival Konzerthaus Vienna 2007
  158. ICMC 07 - International Computer Music Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark 2007
  159. NIME 07 - New Instruments for Musical Expression, New York 2007
  160. V:NM Festival - Graz/Austria '07
  161.  Beyond the Machine 07, The Juilliard School Technology Center, New York, 2007
  162.  experimental intermedia  - portrait concert Weixler-Chuang, New York, USA 2006
  163.  science conference of Upper Austria, Linz 2006
  164.  electronic access @ Goldsmiths  - Portraitkonzert  Weixler-Chuang, London, UK 2006
  165.  MAK, Microstories Austria, Vienna Österreich 2006
  166. Porgy&Bess, Vienna 2005
  167. Wien Modern, portrait concert Weixler-Chuang, collective identities,  2005
  168.  Burgtheater, Vienna 2005
  169.  ars electronica festival, Linz, Austria 2005
  170.  real-time/non real-time electronic musis Festival in Basel / Swiss 2005
  171.  Logothetis Project, Bruckneruniversity, Linz 2005
  172.  5. v:nm festival, Graz, Austria 2005
  173.  11th International Festival of Modern Art - Odessa - Ukraine 2005
  174. UltraSchall - Berlin 2005
  175. electronic access special asia Japan-Linz 2004
  176. electronic access special asia Japan-Vienna 2004
  177. Logos, Gent, Belgium 2004
  178. Jazz Nite of the Bruckner-University, Linz, Austria 2004
  179. JSEM 04 concert of the Japanese society of electronic music, Tokyo, Japan 2004
  180. Busan International Digital Technology Music Festival, South-Corea 2003
  181. SICMF 03 Seoul International Computer Music Festival, Seoul, South-Corea 2003
  182. Museum of the Collection Essl, Klosterneuburg, Austria, 2003
  183.  Künstlerhaus Wien, Austria, 2003
  184. v:nm 03 festival, Graz, Österreich, 2003
  185. TNCA, Tainan National College of Art, Taiwan, 2003
  186. National Theatre Concert Hall in Taipeh, Taiwan 2003
  187. Künstlerhaus Klagenfurt , Austria, 2003
  188. ISEA 02 International Symposium on Electronic Art, Nagoya, Japan 2002
  189. SICMF 02 Seoul International Computer Music Festival, Seoul, South-Corea 2002
  190. HOTEL PUPIK 02, Festival Schrattenberg O(ffen).R(eal).F(undamental), Austria2002
  191. Contemporanea, Vienna, Austria 2002
  192. BK Jazz Nites, Linz, Austria 2002
  193. Easter festival, Graz, Austria 2002
  194. States of Mind - Musikverein, Vienna, Austria 2001
  195. artport & Media Select, Nagoya, Japan 2001
  196. Laval Virtual - Laval, France 2001 
  197. V:NM Festival - Graz, Austria 2001
  198. Nagoya City University - Nagoya, Japan 2001
  199. Experimental Intermedia - New York, USA 2000
  200. Festival Terza Prattica, Muziek onder stroom, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2000
  201. New International Community of Electroacoustic Music (NICE) 
  202. SIBGRAPI  Video Festival, Gramado - Brazil 2000
  203. Kentler International Drawing Space - New York , USA 2000
  204. Durham Art Gallery - Canada 2000
  205. Hörgänge -  Konzerthaus Vienna, Austria 2000
  206. Center for Contemporary Art, Kyiv - Russia 2000 
  207. Elektrokomplex - Vienna, Austria 99
  208. Vexations, Linz, Austria - 99
  209. Pusan Electronic Music Association -  South Corea 99
  210. Musica Scienza, Centro Ricerche Musicali - Rome/Italy 99
  211. Klangnetze - Graz 99
  212. 21st International Weeks for Contemporary Music - Lüneburg/Germany 99 
  213. V:NM Festival - Graz 99
  214. Austrian National Exhibition - Knittelfeld 99
  215. Atelier Konzert - Graz 99
  216. Lange Nacht der Neuen Klänge - Festival Hörgänge - Vienna 99
  217. Sumida Triphony Hall Tokio/Japan 98 
  218. Sichuan Conservatory in Chengdu/ China 98
  219. Tra Srittura ed Immagine, Villa Gori di Stiava, Massarosa, Italy 98
  220. ElektroKomplex- Vienna 98
  221. int. dance theatre festival - Graz 98
  222. Tyrolean Conservatory - Innsbruck 98
  223. Austrian Contemporary Music -Zürich/Swiss 98
  224. Images Acoustiques - Bruckner-Conservatory Linz  98
  225. Experimental Intermedia, NYC 98
  226. Electroacoustic Music Festival EuCuE Montreal/Canada 98
  227. Lambeart - Monestery St. Lambrecht 97
  228. open music - Graz 97
  229. ImageTanz - Vienna 97
  230. European Electroacoustic Music Festival Brussels, Belgium 97
  231. Nite of Jazz and Computermusic - Linz 97
  232. Austrian Sound Check/ Steirischer Herbst 96
  233. Zeitklänge - Berlin, Germany 96
  234. Klangnacht Hartberg, Austria 96
  235. Festival Absolute Musik - Allensteig, Austria 96
  236. Festival Elektronischer Frühling -Vienna 96
  237. Fete de la Musique Landhaushof Graz -95
  238. Concertos de Musica Eletroacustica - Brazil 95
  239. open music - Graz 95
  240. Forfest - Brno/Tschech Rebublic 95 
  241. baby-ars - Linz/Hagenberg  95
  242. electronic access  - Graz 95 
  243. Festival Elektronischer Frühling - Vienna 94
  244. electronic access - Graz 93
  245. 3. International Festival of Contemporary Music - Bogota, Columbia 93
  246. Forfest - Kromeríc, Tschech Rebublic 92
  247. die andere saite, Graz, Austria, 1990- today
  248. Erstes Grazer Folkfestival, 1975

cooperations with ensembles & solists

Stadler Quartet (A), Sonic Arts Ensemble and dancers of ACCAD (Ohio, USA), STIO Styrian Improvisers Orchestra, Wind Quintet of the Klangforum Wien, exxj Ensemble XX. Century, Ensemble Phase (South Korea), Figura Ensemble (Denmark), Shanghai ICMC Ensemble (China), Slowind (Wind Quintet Slovenia), TonArt-Ensemble Hamburg, JIM faculty (Austria), Roots Ensemble (ICMC Belfast), Juilliard Electric Ensemble (New York), DissonArt Ensemble (Greece), Janus Ensemble (Vienna), sang sang (South Korea), Kuwayama-Kijima (Japan), pierrot lunaire ensemble (Vienna), CFMW China Found Music Workshop - Ceiphon Ensemble (Taiwan), ContrastTrio, Klangforum - Vienna, scene instrumental, percussion ensemble Dama - Dama, Austrian Art Ensemble, Ensemble für Neue Musik Zürich, Orbis-Quartett, Grazer Posaunen Quartett, Andreas Weixler Corporation, Eliott Biss und die Unerhörten, Goldfische, Anchrax,
numerous concerts with musicians from the concert series "die andere saite"

diverse solists:

Gu Wen Qi 頋文麒 (China, Guzheng, 古箏), Marc Ainger (USA, git) and Ann Stimson (USA, flute), Petra Stump-Linshalm & Heinz-Peter Linshalm (A, clarinets), Johannes Kretz (A), Wei-Ya Lin (TW/A), Aleksandra Dragosavac (Serbia, piano), Miloš Katanić (Serbia, Accordeon), Vojtěch Drnek (Czech Republic, Accordeon), Julia Russer (GER, Petzold), Jonny Axelsson (Sweden, percussion), Ivo Nilsson (Sweden, trombone), Matilda Andersson (Sweden, voice), Jonas Nilsson (Sweden, double bass), Jesper Løvdal (Sax, Denmark) 
Gernot Tutner (A, electroncis), Seppo Gründler  (A, e-guitar, electronics), Josef Klammer (A, drums), Stephan Maaß (A, drums, perc), Agnes Heginer (A, Gesang), Christoph Cech (A, synth), Martin Stepanik (A, piano), Tristen Parr (Cello, Perth, Australien), Marianne Gythfeldt (bass clarinet, USA), Andrew Borkowski (Violoncello, USA), Mike Frengel (electric guitar, USA), Nicole Cariglia (Violoncello, USA), Madeleine Shapiro (NYC, Violoncello), Pierre A Tremblay (Bass, UK) Lauren Hayes (prepared piano, UK), Xenia Pestova (toy piano, UK), Karlheinz Essl (m@ze°2, Austria), Se-Lien Chuang (piano, bass recorder, interactive visuals, TW/A), Faye Snowdon (UK, Flöte), Sioned Roberts (UK, Klarinette), Richard Eigner (A, Percussion), En-Ju Lin (Pipa, Taiwan) Wolfgang Schliemann (Schlagwerk, Deutschland), Martin Speicher (Saxofon, Deutschland), Ulrich Phillipp (Kontrabass, Deutschland), Ann Evans (UK) - saxophone, Heather Roche (UK/D, clarinet), Elfi Aichinger, Andreas Schreiber, Christian Radovan, Annelie Gahl, Hermann Stangassinger (A, Kontrabass), Vicky Chow (New York City, piano), Hsin-Huei Huang, Pedro Rebelo (Belfast), Franziska Schroeder (UK/GER, Sax) John Kenny, Gascia Ouzounian (UK), Laoise Kelly (Irish harp), Ivan Goff (Irish pipes), Uli Fussenegger, Todd Reynolds (New York City), Petra Ackermann, Zsófia Szeghalmy, Rowland Sutherland (London), Fabian Pollack, Judith Unterpertinger,  Peter Herbert (A, double bass), Reinhard Micko, Pai Yu Ching (sheng) & Tsai Chen Yu (erhu), Martin Zrost, Kiyoharu Kuwayama (J, vio), Rina Kijima (J, violin), Kagusho Kitagawa (J, biwa),  Michael Moser (A, violoncello), Shinobu Ishizuki (J, piano), Christine Svoboda (A, organ), Sandra Kraus (A, flute), Dagmar Hödl (A, mezzo sopran), Ruth Straub (A, violoncello), Ulrike Stadler-Fromme (A, percussion), Arno Steinwider (A, piano), Eva Bajic (A, piano), Katharina Klement (A, piano)

cooperations with other arts & media

with Jodi Rose (Singing Bridge, Bangor 2012), Hermann Nitsch (Orgie-Mystery theatre - play of Six Days (day 1 and 2) 2022, 50 anniversary Burgtheater 2005, 2-days play 2004, Orgie-Mystery theatre - play of Six Days 1998, Symphonie of Six Days Wien-Berlin-Bonn 1999), Günther Eichberger (literature and realtime audio processing: Das Glück des Galeerensklaven 2002), Martin Zrost (Waon, interactive audiovisual improvisation at vnm 01) Mikako Mizuno und Kagusho Kitagawa, Se-Lien Chuang (audiovisual interactivity: The Story of Heike 2001, Nagoya, Japan), various projects with Se-Lien Chuang (audiovisual interactive installation: Living Cave 2001, video: Blue Elephant 1999, Trinity 1999, realtime processing: a crush on you 1999, O.zon 1997, u/hhua-ghua 1996, audiovisual interactivity: paper wedding 1999 u.v.a.m, ), Kuwayama-Kijima (audiovisual interactive improvisation, Japan 2001), Gertrude Moser-Wagner (video "Ouroboros" 2000, "Luftloch", 1997), Projekttheater - Eva Brenner (contemporary theatre "Duras",1998, "Einsamkeit der Lust", 1996, workshop act now 1998, "Endspiel 2 Nichts-nothing" 1998, "Endspiel 3" 1998, Limits-no limits 1999), Luise Kloos Denkwerkstatt 1999, tanzbAAr- Eva Brunner (dance theatre, 1998), Anna Schrefl Cie (Tanz, 1997: LAMBEART-monestery St.Lambrecht and ImPuls - Vienna), Elio Gervasie Dance Company (dance theatre 1988), Dis-Moll - Klement/Steffen (Contact-dance, 1986), Flugfluchten - Katharina  Klement (music,dance and speech, 1987), Nikolaus Leytner  (film music,1980)

CD ´s by/with Andreas Weixler:

Live from the Multiverse
CD 2022

We are very happy about the release of our new CD with the Sonic Arts Ensemble under the direction of Marc Ainger:

Two worlds audio
Ann Stimson - flute (C and alto) and extended flutes, Marc Ainger - laptop, Se-Lien Chuang - yangqin - voice, mouth organ, Andreas Weixler - laptop - guitar, singing bowl

Quintet / Trio   
Ann Stimson - flute (C and Alto) and extended flutes, Marc Ainger - laptop, Se-Lien Chuang - yangqin, voice , mouth organ, bass recorder, Andreas Weixler - laptop, guitar, singing bowl, Scott Deal - percussion

new CD release !

Ravello Records and The Sonic Arts Ensemble present LIVE FROM THE MULTIVERSE, an album leveraging the possibilities of online performance and expanding the boundaries of contemporary music. Musicians from three different continents connect through the internet on low latency, high quality audio networks to perform repertoire ranging from composed, notated scores to freely structured pieces born from masterfully executed ensemble improvisation. With the utilization of extended techniques, singing bowls, and imaginative sound design, the ensemble develops and thrives in an enticing and innovative soundscape.

 CD-Edition 30/4 (2017)
electroacoustic music and sound art from austria
30 Austrian composers on 4 CD´s
original composition: WaterGhosts, electroakustische Komposition, VICC 2015
GEM CD production team: Gerald Trimmel, Igor Lintz-Maues, Se-Lien Chuang, Andreas Weixler

Kompositionsaufträge des Landes Steiermark (2001),
original music "Zerbrochene Schalen 1 - Geborgenheit", special bowed instrumental sounds for piano, marimba and string trio

Elektronischer Frühling (1998) Documentation of the festival concert series "Elektronischer Frühling"
original music: Eilene 

electronic access 95- die andere saite 1 (1996) producer and director of arts and organisation Andreas Weixler.
original music: Methabl 8.7.order

DAMA - DAMA II - die andere saite 2 (1996) original music: Idem I & Idem II minimal music for 4 percussionists 

Klangschnitte 2 (1994),
Live Recording of Corresponding Methal, for 2 percussionists, piano and electronics at electronic access 93 , order

Hermann Nitsch Orgien Mysterien Theater - Tag 5 (2000)
as performer of the electroacoustic part, samples & Synthesizer, Andreas Weixler & Se-lien Chuang

Beyond Noise and Haste (1994)
by Bor Turel; Andreas Weixler Co - Composer for  The Four Seasons    (SAZAS CD001)

ask for CDR with contemporary instrumental composition, computer music and live recordings: audio archiv  (text) 

mp3 files

  books about Andreas Weixler

AI - Artificial Intelligence, das andere Ich, Ars Electronica 2017
Festival for Art Technology and Society. p 216 Computer Music & Media Composition

Gerfried Stocker und Christine Schöpf (Hrsg.), >>Recollection in Every Sound - Audiovisual Interactive Improvisation<<. In: Hybrid-living in paradox, Ars Electronica 2005 - Festival für Kunst, Technologie und Gesellschaft Linz, 1. - 6. September 2005. Hatje Cantz Verlag 2005, ISBN 3-7757-1569-9, S. 308.

Andreas Auinger (Hrsg.), >>Musikinstrumente und deren zeitgenössische Spieltechniken als Interface zwischen Mensch und Computer - Mag. Andreas Weixler und Mag. Se-Lien Chuang<<. In: Workshop-Proceedings der 5. fachübergreifenden Konferenz Mensch und Computer 2005 Linz, 4. - 7. September 2005. Österreichische Computer Gesellschaft 2005, books@cog.at Band 197, ISBN 3-85403-197-1, S. 38.

Computer Music Journal, Vol 28, Number 2, Summer 2004, p 8, documentation of the Seoul International Computer Music Festival 2003
Mentioning of the contribution of Andreas Weixler and Se-Lien Chuang

ISEA2002 NAGOYA Steering Committee (Hrsg.),  >>Waon<<. In: ISEA 2002, 11th International Symposium on Electronic Art, Nagoya [Orai], October 27 - 31. 2002, Nagoya, Japan. S. 89f.

  Roland Foundation report 2002, p 28 (Japanese), audiovisual research of Chuang - Weixler at Nagoya City University - Japan 2000/01 

 Neue Zeitschrift für Musik book Mai/Juni 2002, Weixler-Chuang in "Symbiosen und Synergien" (symbiosises and synergies) in "composing in Austria (...)" by Bernhard Günther. 

Chunich Shinbun (japanese newspaper) review about living cave bei artport - media select 01 - Nagoya, Japan 2001 
on 27.10.2001

 Das Audiovisuelle Archiv Heft Nr. 39/40, December 1996, Gerald Trimmel 
  ISSN 1023-5787 pages 57 f about the CD electronic access 95 

 ACUSTICA, Elektronischer Frühling. Igor Lintz-Maues, Gerald Trimmel, 
 ISBN 3-9511380-0-0, Vienna 1995, pages 21 and 66 

 Ongaku Geijutsu, japanese music book series, September 1998, Mikako Mizuno, pages 74 ff 

 Lexikon zeitgenössischer Musik aus Österreich, (dictionary of contemporary composition in   Austria) Bernhard Günther (editor.), mica , 
 ISBN 3-901837-00-0, Wien 1997, pages 1132 ff 

Yearbook 1996/97 of the master class for Experimental Visual Design (Prof. Herbert Lachmayer) at the University of Design, page 97 

writings by Andreas Weixler

  Radical Atoms, and the alchemists of our time
                              Weixler, Andreas (2016): CMS and Sonic Lab
                            Ars Electronica 2016  Hatje Cantz Verlag, ISBN 978-37757-4193-4, p 239

Proceedings of the 2016 ICMC Conference, 2016 Weixler, Andreas and Chuang, Se-lien (2016):
                           Computer Music Studio and Sonic Lab at Anton Bruckner University - Studio Report at ICMC 16
                           Proceedings of the International Computer Music Conference 2016, S. 258 - 263, ISBN-10: 0-9845274-5-1 ISBN-13: 978-0-9845274-5-8
                           und ICMC 16 online-download: http://www.icmc2016.com/proceedings.pdf

Proceedings of the 2013 ICMC Conference
„Enhanced Phenotype“, interactive score (iScore) for multiple computer, audiovisual realtime composition for open ensemble, Andreas Weixler & Se-Lien Chuang, ISBN 978-0-9845274-2-7

    Article: Virtuoso Audiovisual Real-Time Performance
    by Andreas Weixler & Se-Lien Chuang
    in the book: Interface Cultures, Artistic Aspects of Interaction
    Christa Sommerer, Laurent Mignonneau, Dorothée King (eds.)
    transcript Verlag, August 2008, ISBN 978-3-89942-884-1

    ISEA 08 proceedings - International Symposium on Electronic Arts in Singapore,
    paper publication: Virtuoso Audiovisual Real-Time Performance
    by Andreas Weixler & Se-Lien Chuang
    as book and CD-Rom

The Yearbook of Nagoya City University-school of Design and Architecture 6, 2002, Introduction to design and architecture 6 

Including an article about the research of Andreas Weixler and Se-Lien Chuang in computer music and audiovisual interactivity: 
Interactive Musical Art in the Second Half of the Twenthieth Century and the NCU Project 2000 
by Mikako Mizuno, Andreas Weixler and Se-Lien Chuang,p 197 - 225, ISBN4-87797-040-1 

Master Thesis

The border of sound and noise through controlling of granular sound particles by means of an introduction and analysis of the composition Paramour for piano and chamber orchestra by Andreas Weixler, theoretical work, University of Arts in Graz, 1997. 
(original title: Die Grenze Ton-Geräusch durch Dichtesteuerung granularer Klangauswahl anhand einer Einführung und Analyse in das Werk Paramour für Klavier und Orchester) 


2009-2010 organizing Sonic Intermedia media concert series at ars electronica center, DeepSapce, Linz
2008-2011 organizing sound and vision concert series for Bruckner-University, Linz
2006 organizing electronic access @ Goldsmiths, Music Department of the University of London in collaboration with the Electronic Music Studios at Goldsmiths College
2004 organisation of the concerts with the Japanes Society of Electonic Music - JSEM in Austria (Vienna and Linz), electronic acess - special Asia Japan
1995-2004 member of the directors board of GEM- The Society of Electroacoustic Music - Austria 
2000 consulting of the Austrian contribution to the 26th Pusan international Computer Music Festival in South-Corea 
1999 programing of the Austrian contribution to the 21st international week of contemporary composition in Lüneburg/BRD 
1999 consulting of the Austrian contribution to the 25th Pusan international Computer Music Festival in South-Corea 
1999 organisation of the Atelier Konzert - Graz 99 for die andere saite, IEM and Atelier Avant 
1998 Elektrokomplex, European Conference of Electroacoustic Music, Vienna 1998 
1995/96 chairman of the composers union, die andere saite -Graz/Austria 
1992-1996 member of the directors board of the composers union, die andere saite -Graz/Austria 
1996 producer of the CD "electronic access 95", coproducer of the CD "die andere saite 2" 
1992-98 editor of the publication series, "Beiträge zur Elektronischen Musik" (Contributions to Electronic Music); 
1995 program director and organisation of "electronic access 95", concert ofelectronic, electroacoustic and experimental music under the auspices of die andere saite, IGNM and the opera house Graz 
1993 program director and organisation of "electronic access 93", concert of electronic, electroacoustic and experimental music under the auspices of die andere saite, IGNM and ORF Styria. 


2018 European ICMA 2018 Regional Award Winner, Best European Work "Sonic Environment Daegu" real-time audiovisual processes for traditional Korean instruments, harp, piano and and paint sound board.

2000/01 Japan Foundation  Fellowship Program 
1996 Austrian National Scholarship for Composition 
 1993 Arts Award of Music of the City of Graz 
 1979  Austrian Youth Price in Music, Mentioning for the Trilogie "Fensterträume" 

selection for international conferences

    2011  ICMC Huddersfield, UK - International Computer Music Conference
    2010  ICMC New York City - International Computer Music Conference
    2008    ICMC Belfast - International Computer Music Conference
    2008    ISEA Singapore - International Symposium on Elctronic Arts
    2007    ICMC Copenhagen - International Computer Music Conference
    2007    NIME New York - New Instruments for Musical Expression Conference
    2002    ISEA Nagoya - International Symposium on Elctronic Arts

artist in residence


2008 July/Aug
composer in residence

scholarship of the province of Styria
SARC - Sonic Arts Research Centre
Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland
Ashley Ave - algorithmic composition for piano solo
sarcastic system - dynamic 32-channel audio diffusion system
sarcastic momentum - audiovisual interactive ensemble improvisation
2008 Sept/Oct
visiting researcher

scholarship of the province of Styria
IAMAS - International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences, Ogaki, Gifu, Japan
I always whisper to them - audiovisual realtime interaction
Oktober 2004 - Februar 2005
electroacoustic production, Max/Msp/Jitter Programming
electronic studio of the TU-Berlin (Technical University) artist in residence
für Pi, electroacoustic composition
Interlude for Pi and Io, interactive audiovisual improvisation (Max/Msp/Jitter) with Se-lien Chuang. Premiere at UltraSchall - Berlin 2005
2000 Oktober - 2001 April special research in computermusic and media arts Japan Foundation Fellowship at Nagoya City University, School of Design and Architecture, Japan  Living Cave and others. premieres in New York (USA), Nagoya  (Japan) and Laval (France)
2000 April-May special research in computermusic and audiovisual composition   Nagoya City University, School of Design and Architecture, Japan reserach
1999 composer in residence Sheffield University Sound Studio (SUSS), England  A crush oon You, Broken Bowls 4 - Talk, div. world wide presentaions
1997 14th Artists Meeting LAMBEART  in the monestery of St. Lambrecht /Styria , Austria TeleXie for Dance, O.zon for piano and interactive computer system, div. premieres
1996 artist in residence at SAMT Studio for Advanced Music and Media Technology at Bruckner conservatory Linz / Software Park Hagenberg, Austria "SoundBarrier" Premiere 
  15.10.96 Austrian Sound Check/ Styrian Autmn 
1996 composer in residence at UEA Studios of the University of East Anglia    in Norwich, England  "Jade f.o.o.t" div. world wide presentations.
1996 composer in residence at Electroacoustic Music Studios University of Birmingham Music Department, BEAST Birmingham Electro Acoustic Theatre, England "Jade f.o.o.t" div. world wide presentations. 
1996 guest at the Institute for Elektroacoustic Music at the University of Music,    Vienna "u/hhua-ghua" für präp. Klavier und ISPW/NeXT Computer, Premiere 23.4.96 Festival Elektronischer Frühling 96, Wien 
1994 guest composer at the Institute for Electronic Music, at the University of Music,   Graz.  CR-Ferenz/ taio suru  Premiere 14.6.94 Wien, Festival Elektronischer Frühling 94 
1992/93 guest composer  at the Instiute for Electronic Music, at the University of Music,   Graz
Methabl 2.5 computermusic, Premiere 14.4. 93 3. International Festival of contemporary Music, Bogotá/ Columbien 

commissions and promotions

2007 SKE Fonds, commission of I am from the Universe and you know what it´s worth for 14 instruments and audiovisual interactive computersystem
2006 SKE Fonds, commission of Das Kichern der silbernen Flöte for flute and audiovisual computersystem
2005 scholarship of the Austrian cancelors office/ section for art (composition)
2003/04  selection for composer in residence together in Berlin by  the Styria Government
2003 commission of Thomastik-Infeld, Projekt-Theater Wien-New York , Music for theatre on Werner Schwab literature
2003 support of Seoul International Computer Music Festival (Corea), and a concert series in Taiwan by SKE Fonds (commission of Seoul Lightingale), The Austrian Embassy in Seoul, City of Graz, The Province of Upper Austria, The Province of Styria
2002 commission of the Austrian cancelors office/ section for art (composition) together with Se-Lien Chuang 
2000 comission of the AsianCultureLink for a contemporary composition for traditional chinese instruments for Taiwanese Ceiphon Ensemble (China Found Music Workshop), premiere 5.4.2000 Konzerthaus Wien 
2000 commission of the Austrian cancelors office/ section for art (composition) 
1998 Thomastik-Infeld, Projekt-Theater Wien-New York , Music for theatre "nichts - no thing - SUNDER WARUMBE", Premiere 09-10.11.1998 Kulturzentrum Minoriten Graz 
1998 Styrian government for "Zerbrochene Schalen 1" for arco-piano, Marimba and strings, Premiere 22.06.1998 Grazer Burg, Weißer Saal 
1998 Thomastik-Infeld, Projekt-Theater Wien-New York, music for theatre "Echo des   Schweigens", Premiere 11.2.-21.2.98 Konzerthaus Vienna 
1996 Projekt-Theater Wien-New York, Theater Music for theatre    "Einsamkeit der Lust" Premiere 3-13.10.96 WUK Theater Wien 
1993 Corresponding Methal, On behalf of the Austrian Ministery für Education and Arts. Premiere 17.11.93 electronic access, Broadcasting and CD-Production 
1992 Selection to the seminar Composition & Analysis in Film Music  with Ennio Morricone at the Academy of Music in Basel/Schweiz 
1992 selection for the seminar UPIC (Paris) at the Institute for Electroacoustic Vienna, scholarship by the University for Music, Graz 

(always under construction...), partially updated on 28.01.2021