Atelier Avant Austria
c o m p o s i t i o n   &   m e d i a   a r t s

animation  © Chuang Se-Lien


JIM Faculty Pipa und Elektronik, Impromptu, Spielraum Klavierquintett the giants causeway - the days fly  Enhanced Phenotype SpectraSonic Trombones The Tides In and Out – for Menai Singing Bridge

iScore die Grenzen des Zufalls, of which your soul was constituted  A Reminiscene of Pipa  JIM Communicate

the borderline of random coincidence  JIM Faculty Tour


Klavier + Elektronik, Chance  xClavier Momentum UEA   for Pi dance concert  Video die Wege entstehen im Gehen


live at ICMC 08 Belfast, I am from the universe and you know what it´s worth
audiovisual realtime improvisation for groups of intrumentalists for  `Roots´ Ensemble, Irish traditional and contemporary instruments with bass recorder solo.

Sound and Vision concert: J'écoute marcher... / I am from the universe and you know that it's worth, AVI Ensemble, Linz, Bruckneruni Linz

book released Interface Cultures, Artistic Aspects of Interaction


  The Colours of A Wooden Flute, ICMC 07, Kopenhagen, Denmark  arbcb_Fussennegerarbcb_Weixler arb/cb - the big fuzz, who is who, die andere saite - Graz

  for Reynolds NIME07 in New York    Hetz 07 Hetz  The Juilliard School Technology Center, New York

quod erat...demonstrandum vnm07 in Graz


colours of a wooden flute colours of the wooden flute, experimental intermedia New York   electronic access 06 Kichern Das Kichern der silbernen Flöte, London, electronic access, Goldsmiths College

rooming the Janus ensemble at Porgy and Bess, Vienna  EiL interace culture in concert / ars electronica 05

zum Kirschblütenfest
, 8 channel electroacoustic music, Hidden Museum Tirol  Interlude for Pi and Io, for arco-Piano, interactive visuals and multichannel granularsynthesis, live at UltraSchall Berlin  book released TON_SATZ


Erinnerung in jedem Laut Foto Tokyo Erinnerung in jedem Laut , for live instrument, live electronic and visuals, Sumida Triphony Hall, Tokyo / Logos Tetrahedron Gent


Infinity Video Infitiy op. 1 - 4 art video

        LightingaleLightingaleLightingale audiovisual transformation Cross-over audiovisual interaction
Horch! Der Duft der Blüten läutet nach Horch ! Der Duft der Blüten läutet nach computer music a visual crush on you realtime audio processing and interactive visual

mizuno-weixler-kuwayamaISEA 02 in Japan AlgotetrixRFL figure  running-figure-lantern interactive audiovisual instrumental theater,

ncu book book released Interactive Musical Art

01 living cave interactive audiovisual installation

more  Waon  the story of Heike  Ouroboros  Trinity Sonic Satie  a crush on You

created: 23.10.2k nuc, Nagoya, upate 10.03.2013 AAAL